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Lambda Pi Upsilon

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Type  Social
Scope  East Coast
Lambda Pi Upsilon
Founded  November 6, 1992; 24 years ago (1992-11-06) SUNY Geneseo
Motto  "Con Amor, Dignidad, y Orgullo"
Colors  Red, White, Gold, Black
Flower  Fire and Ice Rose (White Rose with Red Tips)

Lambda Pi Upsilon (ΛΠΥ), also known as Latinas Poderosas Unidas Sorority Inc or Lambda Divas is a Latina oriented sorority founded at SUNY Geneseo by six women who believed that the problems of womanhood, particularly those of Latinas, needed to be addressed and resolved on campus by seeking unity, cultural identity, and growth of mind as a whole group.


Established on November 6, 1992, Lambda Pi Upsilon Sorority Inc. seeks to show their commitment and desire to help educate others through programs and social events that address issues involving their community, youth, and womanhood. Lambda Pi Upsilon's essence is based on education, commitment, and aspirations that reflect the beliefs of the Founding Mothers and accentuate strong leadership qualities that their members possess.

We exist to empower ourselves as women through learning about each of our varied cultures, and to help the underprivileged members of American Society. We intend to gain access to success for the underprivileged members of our society through positive political and social actions within our communities, and in turn the greater global community. In short, Lambda Pi Upsilon's goal is to change, challenge, and improve our society's defects.

The sorority is a member of the National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations (NALFO).


Inception: Lambda Pi Upsilon began with six women who sought to fight and address increasing social issues involving women in their community, particularly Latina women. They believed that, as a whole and working as a close support system, they could provide other women, especially Latinas, with the strength and aspirations needed to succeed. Located on a predominantly caucasian campus, these six women were driven to find a sense of unity and commonality by approaching the ideas of cultural identity and growth of mind. Referred to as the Six pillars of Strength, these women are:

Founding Mothers

  • Founding Mother #1: Sandra Mosquera-Valerio
  • Founding Mother #2: Lisette Pineda
  • Founding Mother #3: Maria Fritz-Rodriguez
  • Founding Mother #4: Glorivy Arce
  • Founding Mother #5: Ebony Robinson
  • Founding Mother #6: Nancy Martinez

  • Together these women believed that by providing a sisterly networks of strengths, women could confront the challenges they were faced with, and gain a sense of empowerment that would defy social issues, and lead them to success. Their motivation, faith, ambition, and vision lead them to experience what is known as the Lambda Way. Disregarding the social and political challenges they faced, they succeeded in 1992 in creating Lambda Pi Upsilon Sorority Inc., a path in which all women can follow, based on six founding principles. These six founding principles are: Family, Advancement, Education, Motivation, Learning, and Exposure.

    Since its inception, Hermanas of Lambda Pi Upsilon aim to maintain and uphold these six founding principles. The Hermandad has remained on the front of exerting these six founding principles by creating a commitment to education, family, cultural awareness, and above all, to each other.

    Hermanas Para Siempre Con Amor, Dignidad, y Orgullo.


    As an organization, Lambda Pi Upsilon decided to adopt children as part of their philanthropic research. However, with the death of one of their members from asthma, Lambda Pi Upsilon has also focused its attentions on asthma as part of their philanthropic research. Research is focused on the effects of asthma on women, especially women of color. It has become a yearly organizational event for members of the Hermandad to participate in the annual Asthma Walk held in New York City.

    Other Contributing Organizations

    Besides focusing on their philanthropic research, members of Lambda Pi Upsilon also sponsor and contribute to other organizations. Some of these organizations are the MS Walk, March of Dimes, St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, AIDS Walk, American Lung Association Lung Force Walk, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and Wildlife Conservation Society's "Save the Jaguar" to name a few.


    As part of the organization, members of Lambda Pi Upsilon host numerous annual events for Hermanas and other people to attend. Some of these events are:

    Sisterhood Weekend
    Sisterhood weekend is a legacy that was left by the Six Pillars of Strength for the hermanas of the sorority to go and bond with each other. The first sisterhood weekend was held on August 4–6, 1995 in SUNY Geneseo.
    Emerald Gala
    The Emerald Gala is an event hosted in New York City to celebrate the growth and the accomplishments of the organization.


    Scholastic Intervention Program SIS is a program created to provide tutoring services to women who are enrolled in a 2-4 year college or institution or to women who may be interested in pursuing membership into the organization.
    ACCESS stands for Academic Collaboration to Challenge, Empower, and Stimulate Students. This program provides the youth with an opportunity to understand the advantages and benefits of an education. The programs is based on Literacy Advantage, Scholastic Mentorship, and Collegiate Experience Workshops.


  • Almighty Alpha Chapter - SUNY Geneseo
  • Beautiful Beta Chapter - Buffalo State College, University at Buffalo, Canisius College
  • Divine Delta Chapter - Columbia University
  • Elegant Epsilon Chapter - St. John's University
  • Glorious Zeta Graduate Chapters
  • Glorious Zeta Alpha - New York City Region Glorious Zeta Beta - New York Upstate Region Glorious Zeta Gamma - Florida Region Glorious Zeta Delta - Connecticut Region Glorious Zeta Epsilon - Service Members Division Glorious Zeta Zeta - Illinois Region Glorious Zeta Eta - Massachusetts Region Glorious Zeta Theta - New Jersey Region
  • Exquisite Eta Chapter - Pace University
  • Thunderous Theta Chapter - University of Connecticut / Connecticut region
  • Irresistible Iota Chapter - New York University
  • Kataclysmic Kappa Chapter - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Luscious Lambda Chapter - Syracuse Region
  • Mesmerizing Mu Chapter - City University of New York
  • Neumatic Nu Chapter - Newbury College, Boston College, Boston University, Northeastern University / Boston region
  • Xhilirating Xi Chapter - Southern Connecticut State University
  • Outrageous Omicron Chapter - SUNY New Paltz
  • Perpetual Pi Chapter - The Deceased Chapter
  • Relentless Rho Chapter - Fairleigh Dickinson University Teaneck Campus
  • Sensational Sigma Chapter - University of Bridgeport
  • Colonies

  • Gorgeous Gamma Colony - Rochester Institute of Technology / Rochester region
  • Tremendous Tau Colony - New Jersey City University
  • Unbreakable Upsilon Colony- University of New Haven
  • Membership and Orientation Process

    Lambda Pi Upsilon, Latinas Poderosas Unidas Sorority, Inc. welcomes women who are interested in a young and developing organization who also want to become leaders within their communities. There are six steps in becoming a Lambda Diva which are:

    Understanding the concept of Greek Life
    Learning that being in a fraternal organization involves networking, community interactions, academic achievement, and social events.
    Becoming Acquainted and Involved
    Becoming informed about the sorority by attending Greek events, community services, and fundraisers.
    Becoming a D.I.A.T
    This step involves becoming an official interest of Lambda Pi Upsilon.
    Undergoing the Orientation Process
    The process of orientation involves gaining knowledge of the Hermandad through academic, cultural, and communal techniques.
    Becoming an active member in the sorority by working and cooperating with the other hermanas.
    Involves socializing and familiarizing yourself with other organizations to help create a positive impact on your community.


  • Must be enrolled in a 4-year accredited college or university
  • Have a minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Must have completed at least one full undergraduate semester
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