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Lam Thap District

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Country  Thailand
Time zone  ICT (UTC+7)
Geocode  8107
Population  20,069 (2005)
Seat  Lam Thap
Postal code  81120
Area  320.8 km²
Province  Krabi Province
Lam Thap District

Lam Thap (Thai: ลำทับ) is a district (amphoe) of Krabi Province, southern Thailand.


Map of Lam Thap District, Krabi, Thailand


The minor district (king amphoe) Lam Thap was established on 30 June 1984, when the two tambon Lam Thap and Din Udom were split off from Khlong Thom district. It was upgraded to a full district on 4 November 1993.


Neighboring districts are (from the west clockwise) Khlong Thom and Khao Phanom of Krabi Province, Thung Yai and Bang Khan of Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, and Wang Wiset of Trang Province.


The district is divided into four sub-districts (tambon), which are further subdivided into 27 villages (muban). Lam Thap is a township (thesaban tambon) and covers parts of the tambon Lam Thap and Thung Sai Thong. There are further four tambon administrative organizations (TAO).


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