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Lam Sonthi District

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Country  Thailand
Tambon  6
Time zone  THA (UTC+7)
Area  447 km²
Province  Lopburi Province
Seat  Lam Sonthi
Muban  49
Postal code  15190
Population  34,480 (2012)
Lam Sonthi District

Lam Sonthi (Thai: ลำสนธิ,  [lām sǒn.tʰíʔ]) is the easternmost district (Amphoe) of Lopburi Province, central Thailand.


Map of Lam Sonthi District, Lopburi, Thailand


Lam Sonthi was created as a minor district (King Amphoe) on April 1, 1989, by splitting off five tambon from the district Chai Badan. It was upgraded to a full Amphoe on December 5, 1996. The sixth tambon Khao Noi was created in 1994.


The name Lam Sonthi comes from the small Sonthi River that originates in the Sap Langka Wildlife Sanctuary, the last forest of Lopburi, located in Tambon Kut Ta Phet in the very north of the district.

Neighboring districts are (from the north clockwise) Si Thep and Wichian Buri of Phetchabun Province, Thep Sathit of Chaiyaphum Province, Thepharak, Dan Khun Thot and Sikhio of Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Muak Lek of Saraburi Province, and Tha Luang and Chai Badan of Lopburi Province.

To the east the district boundary is formed by the Phang Hoei ridge, while the boundary in the northwest is formed by the Luak ridge, both ridges part of the Phetchabun mountain range.


The district is subdivided into 6 subdistricts (tambon), which are further subdivided into 49 villages (muban). There are no municipal (thesaban) areas, and further 4 Tambon administrative organizations (TAO).


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