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Country  Pakistan
Pages  110
Page count  110
Genre  Novel
Language  Bengali
Author  Syed Waliullah
Published  1948
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Novels  In Blissful Hell, Kapalkundala, Aranyak, Durgeshnandini, Shesher Kabita

lalsalu syed waliullah part 1

Lalsalu is a novel by Syed Waliullah published in 1948 by Comrade publishers. It is a classic of modern Bengali literature. Waliullah was conferred Bangla Academy Award for this debut novel in 1961.By 1981 the book's 10th edition was published.


A tree without roots lalsalu

Plot summary

The novel starts with the description of মহবতনগর (mohobbotnagar) village how difficult the life is in the village. After that arrival of Majid occurs very extraordinarily making his intention clear that this village is full of foolish and religious illiterates. Majid than starts scolding the villagers that they haven't took care of the grave of the Mudassir Pir (fake name given by Majid to make his intention come true). and tells them a fake story that the pir showed him dream that the place where his grave is situated is not taken care and in the place the people are irreligious so he came here to preach Islam. Almost everyone of the village believes Majid's story including the so-called head of the village Khalek Bepari. Majid makes a good face with everyone of the village including Khalek Bepari. besides the villagers repairs the grave and makes a majar and a living place for Majid. Majid than starts living happily and financially solvent besides getting the ownership of lands as a gift from the villagers by preaching false teachings of the religion. By this time Majid also marries Rahima a widowed lady who is a coward and obedient wife. Majid faces many problems as few people goes against him starring from Hasuni's mother's father, Khalek Bepari's senior wife, Akkas Mia for establishing a school, arrival of a great pir in Awalpur. But very intelligently he solves the problem. Majid also marries second time a teen girl who later on get's punishment for not giving sizdah to the grave the punishment also results her dead.

Majid's character slowly reveals in the story but the villagers are not that much intelligent to understand his tricks.


The novel is translated to English language by the author himself with the title "Tree Without Roots" in 1967 by Chatti and Windus Ltd. The French translation was made by the author's wife Anne Marie Thibo with the title "L'arbre sans racines" by Editions du Seuil. Besides, the book was translated in Urdu, Czech and German languages.


The book was made into the well-received 2001 film with the same title, starring Raisul Islam Asad. The film was directed and produced by Tanvir Mokammel. In 2003, the film earned eight Bangladesh National Film Awards, including the Best Film.


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