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Lalmatia is a small residential town located in the heart of Dhaka, Bangladesh, between Mohammadpur and Dhanmondi. Known for its narrow streets and red bricked houses is now being currently experiencing a full-scale renovation. Three busy roads (Satmasjid road, Old 27 number road and Mirpur road) perimeters Lalmatia from three sides..



The town is now being a target of the apartment developers and losing its old buildings. It Is now being known as the "under-construction town". There had been a recent upsurge from the residents because of the open pits in the middle of streets and un-repaired streets go on for months at a time without being fixed. To add to the misery, it is repaired during the Monsoon resulting endless problems for the residents. It is also known for its lush playing grounds and the red earth which is coincidentally the translation to the name "Lalmatia". Its name "Lalmatia" is presumed to be given for the red earth it contains. It is a very calm place and there are many play grounds in Lalmatia that other areas do not have. Lalmatia is divided in a number of blocks named 'A', 'B', ..., 'H'. Though a residential area, there are a number of private companies in Lalmatia. There are also a couple of NGOs, hospitals, a number of shops and restaurants.


There are many schools and college and two big university; one is famous Lalmatia Women's College and another is the Lalmatia Islamic University.


There are a good security system in Lalmatia with Ansar force and privately hired guards by the Lalmatia Residential Society.


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