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Name  Lalchanhima Sailo

Died  April 4, 2007, Aizawl
Lalchhanhima Sailo Lalchhanhima Sailo Indian football player profile

Lalchhanhima Sailo (22 November 1955 - 4 April 2007) was the founder of Chhinlung Israel People Convention and a leader in the Bnei Menashe community.

Chhinlung Israel People Convention (CIPC) started in July 7, 1994 under the leadership of Lalchhanhima Sailo as the President, a position which he held till his demise in April 4, 2007. CIPC is an NGO striving towards one goal that the Chhinlung Chhuak to be declared as one of the lost tribe of Israel, the tribe of Ephraim and Manasseh.

He was also appointed as the Chairman of Beth Israel International for Asia Pacific in 2001 by Rabbi Jonathan David Cahn, a Messianic Jew. Beth Israel worship center is located in Canteen Square in the city of Aizawl, Mizoram. if you step into the worship centre you will see traces of Israel as they display the Menorah and also read out scrolls from the Torah, you can also hear a shofar being blown on certain days.

Lalthlamuani wife of Lalchhanhima Sailo is currently the President of Chhinlung Israel People Convention and also the Chairperson of Beth Israel, Mizoram. She has taken up the duties and responsibilities of her late husband as she has always shared the same vision during their lifetime.

In March 2004, Biaksiama appeared on local television, discussing the issues with Lalchhanhima Sailo, founder of Chhinlung Israel People's Convention (CIPC). Sailo said that CIPC's goal was not emigration to Israel, but to have the United Nations declare the areas inhabited by Mizo tribes to be an independent nation for Mizo Israelites.

Brief History (Translated from Eulogy of Lalchhanhima Sailo)

Pu (Mr. in Mizo) Lalchhanhima Sailo was the younger of the 2 sons of Pu Lalpianga and Pi Riali. He was born in Champhai in Mizoram. His father Lalpianga was working as an Assistant Central Intelligence Office in Shillong where Sailo studied till High School.


In 1973, he completed a degree course in Alpha Bible College. In 1981, he received a degree of Bachelor of General Law from Osmania University. In 1983, he completed International Law from Osmania University and in 1985, he got a degree in MA in Political Science from the same university. In 1995, he enrolled himself for a double MA a correspondent student however, he could not appear for his degree examination due to the sudden death of his elder Malsawma Sailo.


When the PC party in Mizoram was on its peak under Brig. T.Sail, Lalchhanhima Sailo started his political career as a Youth President. After working relentlessly for the PC party for years, he then decided to put politics behind for he received a calling from God and founded the Chhinlung Israel people convention (CIPC) in July 7, 1994 and held the title of President till his death in April 4, 2007.

On Feb 10, 1998 the CIPC submitted a memorandum to the United Nations, the memorandum talks about Mizo's being descendant of Israel and them be declared as the Lost Tribe of Israel, the tribe of Ephraim and Manasseh.

In the year 2000, between November 28 - December 3, Rabbi Jonathan David Cahn visited Mizoram and Sailo translated all his sermons and teachings at Assam Rifles Ground in Aizawl. Rabbi Jonathan gave a Torah and a Shofar to Sailo and further to which Beth Israel Church was established in Mizoram with Sailo being the chairman, the position which he also held till his death in 2007.

His lifetime work are still being carried forward by his widow Lalthlamuani (Muani), son Franky Zosanglura Sailo, Daughters Fiona Vanlalzawni Sailo and Jennifer Malsawmdawgliani Sailo.


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