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Lakhera samaj yuvak yuvati parichay sammellan 2014

Lakhera found in Hindi Belt, Lakhera belongs to Kshatriya Rajput family of Rajasthan. They are a community earlier they were associated with bangle making and business of the same, Now this community is growing and exploring with variety of business. This caste is known by many names like Laxkar, Lakhpati, Lakshkar, Lakhera, Lakeri, Lakheri.


Richa lakhera in conversation with salman khan for jai ho


The Lakhera (also Lakhara) get their name from the Sanskrit laksha kuru meaning a worker in lac. According to their mythologies, this cast created by the goddess Parvati. Other traditions make them out to be Yaduvanshi Rajputs. They are said to have originated in Rajasthan, and then spread to Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujrat, Madhya pradesh, Punjab and Maharashtra. The community in Delhi speaks Hindi, while in Haryana they speaks Haryanvi,while in Rajasthan they Speaks Hadoti. In maharshtra can speak Marathi, Marwadi. they are Known as Lakheri, Lakeri in Maharashtra. In Pandharpur (Dist-Solapur, Maharshtra) They sells Bangels made by Lakh. So they are called as Lakheri

The main goddess of this caste is Sati Mata (that is, Shree Chena Mata and Kushla Mata) and Rupji Maharaj. there are many gotra and sub gotra are in lakhera caste normally bangle making and selling is the main business of lakherass

Present circumstances

The Lakhera community consists of a number of clans, the main ones being the Hatadiya (gahlot, rana), Chouhan, Bhati, Nainvaya, Bagdi (rathod), Nagoriya, Parihar, Solanki, Garhwali, Kethuniya and Atariya etc. They are an endogamous community, and each clan is exogamous. The majority of the Lakhera are still involved in the manufacture and selling of bangles. Some members of the community are now shopkeepers. The Lakhera are Hindu, and have customs similar to other North Indian Hindus. They live in multi-caste villages, occupying their own distinct quarters.

In Uttar Pradesh, the community is found mainly in the south and east of the state. They are found mainly in Jalaun, Hamirpur, Lalitpur and Jhansi.

Lakhera is an occupational based caste residing in Rajasthan, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Bihar,Maharashtra.barhi and jabalpur People of Lakhera community are professional artist of Lakh(substance used to make bangles) which is an inherent heritage of Lakhera community. Prime objective of Lakhera group is to enhance the knowledge about Lakhera community through the process of sharing, getting together and then working to achieve the objectives. To makes efforts, to integrate Lakhera community, achieve maximum cooperation and mutual understanding by all the ways of formal and informal discussions, academic relations and personal interactions. Cast's National youth Organization is Akhil Bhartiy Lakhara Yuva Sanghatan (ABLYS) you can also visit www.ablys.org


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