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Lake Yliki

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Location  Central Greece
Basin countries  Greece
Area  19.1 km²
Inflow source  Cephissus
Primary inflows  Cephissus
Surface area  19.1 km (7.4 sq mi)
Surface elevation  78 m
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Lake Yliki (Greek: Υλίκη Yliki, Ancient Greek: Ὑλικὴ Hylike, Latinised as Hylica) is a large natural lake of Boeotia, central Greece. Situated 8 km north of Thebes at 78 m elevation, it has been an important source of drinking water for the Athens agglomeration since 1958. It is surrounded by low mountains, which separate it from the drained Lake Copais.

Map of Lake Yliki, Thiva 322 00, Greece


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