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Lake Flatschacher

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Surface elevation  680 m
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Lake Flatschacher (German: Flatschacher See) is an Austrian lake near Feldkirchen in Kärnten in the State of Carinthia.


Map of Flatschacher See, 9560 Feldkirchen in K%C3%A4rnten, Austria


Since its inflow passes through a region which is heavily used for agriculture, the lake is heavily contaminated with nutrients. The lake itself is located in the 272 hectare protectied area of 'Flatschacher See'.


The following species of fish are found in Lake Flatschacher: Carassius carassius, Carp, Cyprinus carpio, common rudd, Rutilus rutilus and Sander lucioperca.


  • Flatschacher See (Kärntner Institut für Seenforschung) (in German)
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