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Lai Prefecture

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Traditional Chinese  萊州
Hanyu Pinyin  Lái Zhōu
Simplified Chinese  莱州
Wade–Giles  Lai Chou
Lai Prefecture

Laizhou or Lai Prefecture was a zhou (prefecture) in imperial China, centering on modern Laizhou, Shandong, China. It existed (intermittently) from 585 until 1376.

The modern city Laizhou, created in 1988, retains its name.


The administrative region of Lai Prefecture in the Tang dynasty is in modern northeastern Shandong. It probably includes parts of modern:

  • Under the administration of Yantai:
  • Laizhou
  • Laiyang
  • Haiyang
  • Under the administration of Qingdao:
  • Jimo
  • Pingdu
  • Laixi
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