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Lai King Station

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Chinese  荔景
Yale Romanization  lai6 ging2
Operated by  MTR Corporation
Level  2
Hanyu Pinyin  Lìjǐng
Jyutping  lai6 ging2
Address  Kwai Chung, Hong Kong
Lai King Station
Location  Between Yin Lai Court and Yeung King House, Lai King Estate, Kwai Chung Kwai Tsing District, Hong Kong
Similar  Tung Chung Station, Sunny Bay Station, Mei Foo Station, Tsing Yi Station, Kwai Fong Station

Mtr lai king station

Lai King (Chinese: 荔景) is an MTR rapid transit station located in Lai King, Kwai Tsing District, Hong Kong. The station is served by the Tsuen Wan Line and the Tung Chung Line, and provides cross-platform interchange between them. Both lines emerge from a tunnel to viaducts at the station.


hd the mtr tung chung line rotem train at lai king station


Lai King was opened on 10 May 1982, originally as part of the Tsuen Wan Line. The station was designed to serve the large public housing complex located above the station, as well as the container terminal on the coast to the southwest of the station. When the Lantau Airport Railway was proposed, Lai King was chosen to be the interchange between the Tsuen Wan Line and the Tung Chung Line.

During the construction of the Tung Chung Line platforms, the layout of the station was greatly altered. The northbound Tsuen Wan Line track was raised to a new level above the original station, providing cross-platform interchange with the northbound Tung Chung Line. Similar platform arrangements were constructed for southbound tracks. The original Tsuen Wan Line track was abandoned from the sidings south of the station to slightly north of it. A pair of tracks were also constructed for the Airport Express, which does not stop at this station.

Station layout

Passengers on the Tung Chung Line travelling in the direction of Tung Chung can go to the opposite platform to change to Tsuen Wan Line trains for destinations in the Kwai Chung and Tsuen Wan districts and vice versa. The Tung Chung Line has proved popular among passengers living on Hong Kong Island who work in areas north of Lai King, and in rush hour, packed Tung Chung Line trains often empty at Lai King station.

Passengers on the Tsuen Wan Line travelling towards Central can go to the opposite platform to change to the Tung Chung Line for a faster route towards Hong Kong Island. In fact, once this interchange station opened, many commuters who used to travel almost the entire length of the Tsuen Wan Line took to leaving the train at Lai King, and hence a large number of passengers is often seen in Tung Chung Line trains during the morning and evening rush.


  • A1: Lai King Hill Road
  • A2: Yin Lai Court
  • A3: Lai King Estate
  • B: Kwai Chung Container Terminal
  • C: HKEAA Lai King Assessment Centre
  • Bus routes

    At the bus stops outside (NT bound) / opposite (Kowloon bound) Exit A1:

  • 30: Allway Gardens ↔ Cheung Sha Wan
  • 42: Cheung Hong ↔ Shun Lee (Cheung Ching bound bus stop located near Lok King House, Lai King Estate)
  • 45: Lai Yiu ↔ Kowloon City Ferry
  • 46: Lai Yiu ↔ Jordan (To Wah Road)
  • 46X: Mei Foo ↔ Hin Keng
  • 269M: Tin Yan Estate ↔ Cho Yiu
  • N241: Cheung Hang ↔ Hung Hom Station (Cheung Hang bound bus stop located near Lok King House, Lai King Estate)
  • Minibus routes

    Outside Yin Lai Court Shopping Centre (Exit A2):

  • 46M: Highland Park → Lai King MTR Station Circular
  • 90M: Mei Foo → Highland Park
  • 91A: Highland Park → Kwai Fong
  • 93: Wah Yuen Chuen → Tsuen Wan
  • 93A: Wonderland Villas → Tsuen Wan
  • 313: Princess Margaret Hospital → Tsuen Wan
  • 407: Princess Margaret Hospital → Cheung Wang
  • 407A: Princess Margaret Hospital → Kwai Fong
  • Opposite Yin Lai Court Shopping Centre (Exit A1 or A2):

  • 47M: Wonderland Villas → Lai King MTR Station Circular
  • 90M: Highland Park → Mei Foo
  • 91A: Kwai Fong → Highland Park
  • 93: Tsuen Wan → Wah Yuen Chuen
  • 313: Tsuen Wan → Princess Margaret Hospital
  • 407: Cheung Wang → Princess Margaret Hospital
  • 407A: Kwai Fong → Princess Margaret Hospital
  • The MTR provides a 50¢ interchange discount for passengers changing from minibus route 407A to the MTR at Lai King or Kwai Fong stations, or vice versa.


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