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Country  Iran
Bakhsh  Meshgin Sharqi
Website  [3]
Local time  Saturday 11:12 AM
County  Meshgin Shahr
Time zone  IRST (UTC+3:30)
Population  2,961 (2006)
Province  Ardabil Province
Weather  8°C, Wind S at 8 km/h, 77% Humidity

Lahrud (Persian: لاهرود‎‎, also Romanized as Lāhrūd; formerly, Lari (Persian: لاری‎‎), also Romanized as Lārī; formerly also, Serahi (Persian: سِراهی‎‎), also Romanized as Serāhī and Seh Rāhī) is a city in and capital of Meshgin-e Sharqi District, in Meshgin Shahr County, Ardabil Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 2,961, in 782 families.


Map of Lahroud, Ardabil Province, Iran


There are numerous historical and archaeological city management caves around the city to deliver a series Avrartvryha. It has long been considered a great king of Iran.

The economic situation

As long highway connecting the city of Ardabil, Tabriz, Ardabil and the only communication path to the summit of the Magi was sabalan. Lahrud due to summer pastures in the summer every year the Sun is host to thousands of nomadic tribes.


Lahrud famous gardens in the country because it is a very large grape. The towns and villages of its subsidiaries have unmatched gardens of grapes, apricots and walnuts are. Every year the city of gardens, large grapes harvested in the city, province and country are used. Grape experts believe the city is located in the cold mountainous location has a special quality.The different countries in the multitude of festivals in Germany. Every year tourists from all over Iran in early July to purchase this product on a trip to Nevers. Sabalan honey and other products of the territory called it paradise that most know Souvenirs Ardabil. The main characteristics of honey due to its unique transparency Lahrud coming full product range including flowers flowers flowers free sabalan cotton. The flowers, like cotton flower honey is the lack of transparency.

Tourist Attractions

It can be spectacular mausoleum of Ibrahim Lahrud, spa Shabyl Lahrud, Qvtvrsvyy, historic caves, Shirvan Valley Mall C & Garden Daghlar cited.


According to the latest census of population and housing more than 95% of the people are literate.


Lahrud two words squashed and is silt means formed. Some believe it was named after the river that crossed the city is muddy.


Today there was not enough concern for residents in this city is. Unemployment is the graph of population decline in recent years to take Lahrud. Most people, and especially young people, have chosen to continue living capital. Unofficial statistics of more than twenty thousand people migrated to the cities to Tehran province. There are about five thousand people from other parts of Iran and the world is Lahrudy.


Provincial officials promised residents of the city and follow-up efforts will be upgraded in the near future and this has caused the city to attract large investors, such as automotive is. Return of refugees to their homeland and fruits of the same.


Lahrud Wikipedia

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