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Laguna 69

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Location  Huaraz / Áncash / Peru
Primary inflows  glacial runoff
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Designation  Man and the Biosphere Programme

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Laguna 69 (lake 69) or Laguna Sesentinueve is a small lake near of the city of Huaraz, in the region of Áncash, Peru. It is one of the more than 400 lakes that form part of the Huascarán National Park which is considered a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In the thaw season, the lake nourishes by means of a waterfall that falls from Chacraraju.


Map of Laguna 69, Peru

Its denomination is due to the fact that the lake did not have a name before the creation of the Huascaran National Park in 1975. The need to include all lakes into a list forced authorities to give a number-based name to those lakes without a traditional name (as lakes Allicocha, Auquiscocha or Palcacocha, which had a name in Hispanicized Quechua).

It is one of the more important tourist destinations of the region, visited mainly by fans of hiking and mountaineering, given the simple access and the spectacular scenes provided. The hiking route to the lagoon starts from the camping site Cebolla Pampa and goes by the right side of the brook that goes down from the same lake, which forms several waterfalls and cataracts.

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