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Lagoinha Church

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Country  Brazil
Phone  +55 31 3429-9500
Weekly attendance  70.000
Founded  December 20, 1957
Lagoinha Church
Location  Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais
Denomination  Evangelical, Charismatic
Address  R. Manoel Macedo, 360 - Lagoinha, Belo Horizonte - MG, 31110-490, Brazil
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Lagoinha Baptist Church (Igreja Batista da Lagoinha) is a Christian pentecostal megachurch located in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais in Brazil. Márcio Valadão is the current senior pastor of the church and has about 70,000 members. The main Temple but holds about 8.000 seats. The church has many services during a Sunday. Additionally specific services during the week, e.g. for families, for businesses, a prophetic services, and some services for teenagers and young adults. It is one of the best-known evangelical churches in Brazil. The church became known through the ministry of praise Diante do Trono, which is one of the ministries of the church. Some of the main services are broadcoasted live via the Internet and also via their own TV and radio station Rede Super


In 2011 it was announced the construction of the new temple of Lagoinha Church will involve about 25.000 people sitting.

Currently Lagoinha Baptist Church is located on the street Manoel Macedo, 360 in São Cristóvão neighborhood in Belo Horizonte, that until the inauguration of the new temple which will happen soon.

Sunday service at 10am lagoinha baptist church


Lagoinha Church was founded by José Rego on December 20, 1957 in Formiga street, 322, district of Lagoinha. It is the sixth Baptist Church in Belo Horizonte, became known as Lagoinha Baptist Church. The church also has a television network titled Rede Super.

Since 2010 the Lagoinha Baptist Church is a partner of Gateway Church of the United States.

Senior Pastor

On May 15, 1958 Pastor José Rego Nascimento arrives in the church bringing Pentecostal guidance to Lagoinha Church. On July 31, 1972 the current pastor Márcio Valadão assumed the presidency of the church.

Lagoinha Nations

Lagoinha nations is one of around 200 ministry from Lagoinha Church. This ministry holds church services and other events in English and in Spanish every Sunday. Foreigners are very welcome. Services in other languages are planned.

The service in English is every Sunday at 5pm in a venue called Carsima/CEU, which is very close to the main Temple


On January 31, 1998 the Diante do Trono, ministry led by Ana Paula Valadão, daughter of the pastor Márcio Valadão, recorded his first album titled "Diante do Trono" in Lagoinha Church to collect funds for missionary work in India. The album sold a lot, and came the worship ministry Diante do Trono which became the biggest worship ministry in Latin America, emerged from Lagoinha Church. It was from this that the Lagoinha Church began to be recognized.

Several ministries and big names came from Lagoinha Church. These Ana Paula Valadão, André Valadão and Mariana Valadão that are children of the pastor Márcio, also Nívea Soares, Ana Nóbrega, Helena Tannure among other ministries that have emerged from Lagoinha Church.

On July 7, 2013 opened one Lagoinha Church, in Niterói, in Rio de Janeiro by pastors Felippe and Mariana Valadão. In celebration of one year of the Lagoinha Church in Niterói, opened a new temple which holds about 4,500 people and has 10,000 m², is located on Avenue Quintino Bocaiúva, 679, in Niterói.

Lagoinha Centro and Lagoinha Savassi are branch churches, located in Belo Horizonte center region geared to young people from the city center. During 2015 and 2016, churches were opened in Porto and Lisbon, Portugal, Madrid, Spain, London, United Kingdom, and Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Other churches are planned to open around the world, as in Miami.


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