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Laetiporus portentosus

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Kingdom  Fungi
Class  Agaricomycetes
Family  Fomitopsidaceae
Rank  Species
Division  Basidiomycota
Order  Polyporales
Genus  Laetiporus
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Similar  Laetiporus persicinus, Laetiporus huroniensis, Laetiporus gilbertsonii, Laetiporus conifericola, Laetiporus montanus

Laetiporus portentosus fire carrying fungi australia

Laetiporus portentosus is a species of polypore fungus in the family Fomitopsidaceae. It is found in South America, Australia, and New Zealand. It has been used traditionally as a tinder and to carry fire by Australian Aboriginals, and by New Zealand Māori people. The Māori have also used it as a "wound protector, to soften and ease a difficult labor."


Fungi growing laetiporus portentosus 6 week stop motion period


The fungus was first described in 1844 by English mycologist Miles Joseph Berkeley. Mario Rajchenberg transferred it to the genus Laetiporus in 1995. The fungus has acquired an extensive synonymy in the interim:

  • Polyporus portentosus Berk. (1844)
  • Ungulina portentosa (Berk.) Pat. (1906)
  • Piptoporus portentosus (Berk.) G. Cunn. (1965)
  • Polyporus eucalyptorum Fr. (1846)
  • Ungulina eucalyptorum (Fr.) Pat. (1906)
  • Piptoporus eucalyptorum (Fr.) Warcup (1986)
  • Polyporus leucocreas Cooke (1879)
  • Polyporus spermolepidis Pat. (1898)
  • Ungulina spermolepidis (Pat.) Pat. (1906)
  • Ungulina spermolepidis var. pandani Pat. (1906)
  • Polyporus spermolepidis var. pandani (Pat.) Sacc. & Trotter (1912)
  • Polyporus albofuscus Lloyd (1924)
  • Durogaster albus Lloyd (1924)
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