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Lady in a Jam

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Genre  Comedy, Romance
Initial release  June 19, 1942
Running time  1h 18m
6.8/10 IMDb

Director  Gregory La Cava
Cinematography  Hal Mohr
Lady in a Jam movie poster
Cast  Irene Dunne (Jane Palmer), Patric Knowles (Doctor Enright), Ralph Bellamy (Stanley Gardner), Eugene Pallette (Mr. John Billingsley)
Writer  Eugene Thackrey (screenplay), Francis M. Cockrell (screenplay), Otho Lovering (screenplay)
Genres  Comedy, Screwball comedy, Romance Film
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Lady in a jam full movie 1942 top up

Lady in a Jam is a 1942 film comedy directed by Gregory La Cava and starring Irene Dunne, Patric Knowles, Ralph Bellamy and Eugene Pallette.

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Lady in a jam full movie 1942 top up


Lady in a Jam Lady in a Jam 1942

Jane Palmer's reckless spending and behavior concern her guardian Billingsley so much, he goes to a New York City clinic to seek psychiatric help for her. Dr. Enright, taking the case, sees how Jane refuses to even acknowledge that she has squandered her entire inheritance and that her remaining possessions are being auctioned off.

Lady in a Jam Lady in a Jam

Enright believes they need to trace the root of her problems and accompanies Jane on a cross-country trip to her Arizona childhood home. "Cactus" Kate, her grandmother, is leery of Jane being in need of money, while childhood sweetheart Stanley Gardner deludes himself into thinking Jane has returned home just for him.

Lady in a Jam The Irene Dunne Project Lady In A Jam

Jane begins prospecting for gold at her grandfather's mine. Seeing her growing romantic interest in the doctor, Stanley foolishly challenges him to an old-fashioned duel of pistols until he discovers Enright is a crack shot. Cactus Kate plants precious ore so that Jane can find it, inadvertently causing a gold rush by prospectors galore. Enright's seen enough craziness and returns home, but Jane tracks him back to New York and declares that they were meant for each other.


Lady in a Jam Lady in a Jam 1942
  • Irene Dunne as Jane Palmer
  • Ralph Bellamy as Stanley
  • Patric Knowles as Dr. Enright
  • Eugene Pallette as Billingsley
  • Samuel S. Hinds as Dr. Brewster
  • Queenie Vassar as Cactus Kate

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