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Ladder graph

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Vertices  2n
Chromatic number  2
Edges  n+2(n-1)
Notation  Ln
Ladder graph
Chromatic index  3 for n>2 2 for n=2 1 for n=1
Properties  Unit distance Hamiltonian Planar Bipartite

In the mathematical field of graph theory, the ladder graph Ln is a planar undirected graph with 2n vertices and n+2(n-1) edges.

The ladder graph can be obtained as the Cartesian product of two path graphs, one of which has only one edge: Ln,1 = Pn × P1. Adding two more crossed edges connecting the four degree-two vertices of a ladder graph produces a cubic graph, the Möbius ladder.

By construction, the ladder graph Ln is isomorphic to the grid graph G2,n and looks like a ladder with n rungs. It is Hamiltonian with girth 4 (if n>1) and chromatic index 3 (if n>2).

The chromatic number of the ladder graph is 2 and its chromatic polynomial is ( x 1 ) x ( x 2 3 x + 3 ) ( n 1 ) .

Circular ladder graph

The circular ladder graph CLn is the Cartesian product of a cycle of length n≥3 and an edge. In symbols, CLn = Cn × P1. It has 2n nodes and 3n edges. Like the ladder graph, it is connected, planar and Hamiltonian, but it is bipartite if and only if n is even.


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