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Trade names  Lacipil, Motens
ATC code  C08CA09 (WHO)
Molar mass  455.543 g/mol
Routes of administration  Oral
Bioavailability  ~10%
AHFS/Drugs.com  International Drug Names
Legal status  In general: ℞ (Prescription only)

Lacidipine uses reviews side effects and contraindications

Lacidipine (tradenames Lacipil (GSK) or Motens (Boehringer Ingelheim)) is a calcium channel blocker. It is available as tablets containing 2 or 4 mg.


How to pronounce lacidipine


The synthesis starts with the Wittig reaction of phthalaldehyde (1) with the ylide from triphenylphosphonium salt (2). The trans stereochemistry of the product (3) follows from the fact that the rxn is not carried out under salt-free conditions; selectivity for monoalkylation is probably due to steric hindrance from the newly introduced adjacent side chain to the adjacent formyl group. reaction of tat intermediate with ethyl acetoacetate and ammonia gives the dihydropyridine lacidipine (5).


Further modification of this compound depends on the allylic nature of the ring methyl groups. Thus reaction of 5 with pyridinium perbromide leads to the bromination of one groups and the formation of 6. The displacement of halogen by dimethylamine leads to the tertiary amine teludipine (7).


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