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Lach Gates

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Lach Gates
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Lach Gates (Ukrainian: Лядські ворота) at Independence Square in Kiev is a monument built in 2001 to commemorate one of the Medieval Kiev city gates. At the top is a sculpture of Archangel Michael which is the city's symbol.


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The gates were located in the former city's Polish quarter in the southeast side of Kiev. According to Primary Chronicle, in 1240 the Lach Gates became the main fortification where Batu Khan concentrated his assault during the 1240 siege of Kiev.

Lach gates were one of three known gates of the Medieval Kiev (Old Kyiv), the others being the Golden Gate and the Jewish (Lviv) Gates.


The first mention of the gates is traced to 1151 during the confrontation between princes of Kiev (Iziaslav II) and Suzdal (George the Long-Armed).


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