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La vida entera

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Created by
Leonardo Padrón

Country of origin

Final episode date
12 May 2009

Number of episodes

Gustavo Rodríguez


Directed by
Luis Alberto Lamata

First episode date
12 November 2008

Program creator
Leonardo Padrón

La vida entera La Vida Entera Cisneros Media Distribution

Anastasia MazzoneJorge ReyesMarlene De AndradeCarlos MontillaBeatriz ValdésGustavo RodríguezCarlos Mata

Opening theme
Las lágrimas aprenden a reir by Roque Valero

Ending theme
Las lágrimas aprenden a reir by Roque Valero

Ciudad Bendita, El amor las vuelve locas, Arroz con leche, Contra viento y marea, Los Querendones

La vida entera (For a lifetime) is a Venezuelan telenovela produced by Venevisión and distributed internationally by Venevisión International. An original story by Leonardo Padrón, it has Anastasia Mazzone, and Jorge Reyes star as the protagonists while Beatriz Valdés star the main antagonist.


La vida entera La Vida Entera Cisneros Media Distribution

Univision aired the Telenovela in its 6:00 pm timeslot (in areas that did not have a local news broadcast) from April 5, 2010.

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Julieta Torres (Anastasia Mazzone), known by her friends as 'Cotufa' (popcorn), is a social communication university student who is required to submit a thesis project on her favorite journalist. She approaches Salvador Duque (Jorge Reyes) a handsome and intelligent journalist, who she admires a lot. Salvador works in Brazil and is only in Venezuela for a couple of days for a family party, when he meets Julieta. He shortly starts working at his fathers newspaper. But the Duque Family also runs a women's magazine publication titled "Exquisita" . With time, the two fall in love with each other as they interact over their love of journalism and magazine publication.

La vida entera La Vida Entera

Their growing love becomes complicated when Salvador's uncle, Cristóbal Duque (Carlos Montilla) also falls in love with Julieta. Cristóbal and Julieta meet the same day Salvador and Julieta meet. Julieta crashes Cristobal's car and that's were Cristobal falls in love with Julieta. Cristobal makes up things and follows Julieta so he could see her. Laly Falcón (Marlene De Andrade) who is Salvador's girlfriend, does everything separate the two lovers. Laly Falcón is an ambitious executive who wants to keep Salvador at her side in order to use his family's influence in the publishing business, especially considering that Salvador's father Napoleón Duque (Gustavo Rodríguez) is a dominant figure in the publishing industry while her strict and demanding mother Olimpia (Beatriz Valdés) is the editor-in-chief of the magazine where Julieta begins to work as an intern.

La vida entera explores the complex personal and professional relationships developed in the workplace while looking at the intrigues and romances that surround the publishing business.


  • Anastasia Mazzone as Julieta Torres “Cotufa”
  • Jorge Reyes as Salvador Duque
  • Carlos Montilla as Cristóbal Duque
  • Marlene De Andradeas Laly Falcón
  • Beatriz Valdés as Olimpia Duque
  • Carlos Mata as Facundo Montoya
  • Gustavo Rodríguez as Napoleón Duque
  • Crisol Carabal as Titina San Juan
  • Gledys Ibarra as Pasión Guerra
  • Carlos Cruz as Próspero Bermúdez
  • Marisa Román as Carlota Duque “Tata”
  • Roque Valero as Miki Mata
  • Luis Gerónimo Abreu as Guillermo Maduro
  • Tania Sarabia as Primitiva
  • Lourdes Valera as Rosa Coronel†
  • Héctor Manrique as Licenciado Merchán
  • Daniela Bascopé as Natalia Montoya
  • Henry Soto as Segundo Durán
  • Roberto Lamarca as Tamanaco
  • Beatriz Vázquez as Luz Mediante
  • Basilio Alvarez as Philip Adelso Centeno
  • Paula Woyzechowzky as Perla Reyes
  • Mariaca Semprum as Mariví
  • Adolfo Cubas as Javier
  • Andreína Yépez as Tesoro
  • Adriana Romero as Lupe
  • Alejandro Corona as Canelón
  • Pedro Durán
  • Paula Beivilacqua as Vilma Trocónis
  • Iván Romero as Severino
  • Fernando Villate as Máximo Cuenca
  • Cristóbal Lander as Gustavo
  • Yina Vélez.- Clarita
  • Ligia Duarte
  • Anna Massimo
  • Elba Escobar as Cordelia
  • Daniela Maya as Lucía Durán
  • Cesar D' La Torre as Juancito
  • Carlos Dagama as Daniel Torres
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