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La morte non conta i dollari

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Directed by  Riccardo Freda
Release date  21 July 1967 (Italy)
Initial release  21 July 1967
Cinematography  Gábor Pogány

Produced by  Cinecidi (Italy)
Running time  93 minutes
Director  Riccardo Freda
La morte non conta i dollari httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaen44fLa
Written by  Luigi Masini, Riccardo Freda
Music by  Nora Orlandi, Robby Poitevin
Screenplay  Riccardo Freda, Luigi Masini
Music director  Nora Orlandi, Robby Poitevin
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La morte non conta i dollari trailer tedesco

La morte non conta i dollari (internationally released as No Killing Without Dollars, Death Does Not Count the Dollars and Death at Owell Rock) is a 1967 Italian spaghetti westerns film directed by Riccardo Freda.


It represents the only western film directed by Freda, here credited as "George Lincoln" in polemic with the production,which had cut some violent sequences from the film.

La morte non conta i dollari trailer tedesco


  • Mark Damon: Lawrence White
  • Luciana Gilli: Jane
  • Stephen Forsyth: Harry Boyd
  • Pamela Tudor: Lisbeth
  • Luciano Pigozzi: giudice Warren
  • Nello Pazzafini: Doc Lester
  • Ignazio Spalla: Pedro Rodriguez
  • Lydia Biondi
  • Renato Chiantoni
  • Dino Strano
  • Plot

    Lawrence White returns to his hometown and reopens the investigation about the murder of his father. At the same time arrives Boyd, who frequently gets into fights. Doc Lester, who is the one behind the murder, hires Boyd and makes him the sheriff to stop White. However, it turns out that "Boyd" is the real Lawrence White, while ”White” is a friend of his.

    Rustlers kill Major White, and a witness who reports to the sheriff is later shot and has his tongue cut out. Many years later the son of major White returns in a stagecoach. It is stopped by some military, but another passenger, Boyd, discloses them as false, and they ride off. When White arrives people say that this will mean trouble for major Lester. White now tries to reopen the murder case of his father and gets into a fight with Lester's men. White’s sister, on the other hand, advocates vengeance.

    Boyd gets into several fights and is recruited by Lester, who has him appointed the new sheriff when the old one is killed. Elisabeth, a girl he has acquainted, now rejects him and asks him to find the murderer of her father, who has been killed by men of Lester, because he intended to help White.

    When he visits the widow of the former land officer, White is caught in a trap by Lester's men. She explains that they would have tortured her otherwise. Lester sends Boyd to make White confess to murder, but instead he unties White. Some Lester men now appear saying that Lester did right to check him. They start beating Boyd when the widow appears with a rifle. She is shot but Boyd gets a gun and kills them. We now learn that Boyd is the real son of major White, while "White" is his friend, a federal lawyer from Washington.

    White follows a lead and finds judge Warren’s daughter as a prostitute in Mexico. He now can convince the judge top reopen the case.

    Lester's gang ambush White, but the stage is manned with dolls and explodes, and the rest of the gang is killed in the ensuing gunfight. Lester is arrested.

    White stays on as sheriff united with Elisabeth, while his friend leaves with White’s sister.


    In his investigation of narrative structures in Spaghetti Western films, Fridlund ranges White with his false identity and double play in La morte non conta i dollari among the stories of infiltrators with hidden agendas that took their inspiration from A Fistful of Dollars.


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