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La Roue de la fortune

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Created by  Merv Griffin
Original language(s)  French
Running time  30 minutes
First episode date  5 January 1987
Genre  Game show
Program creator  Merv Griffin
2.8/10 IMDb

Country of origin  France
No. of episodes  695
Original network  TF1
Final episode date  23 March 2012
Language  French
La Roue de la fortune La Roue de la Fortune 1989 B by germanname on DeviantArt
Presented by  Michel Robbe, Christophe Dechavanne, Victoria Silvstedt, Benjamin Castaldi, Valérie Bègue
Similar  Le Juste Prix, Game show, La Ferme Célébrités, Wheel of Fortune, À prendre ou à laisser

La roue de la fortune 1996 tiger wheel of fortune game

La Roue de la fortune was the French version of the popular US game show Wheel of Fortune. It was originally hosted by Michel Robbe, with other notable hosts being Christophe Dechavanne and Victoria Silvstedt and then by Benjamin Castaldi and 2008's Miss France, Valérie Bègue in early 2012. It aired on French television network TF1. The first episode aired on 5 January 1987, running until 1997. The modern incarnation of the show began in 2006 and ended in March 2012.


La Roue de la fortune La Roue de la Fortune 2006 by wheelgenius on DeviantArt

La roue de la fortune


La Roue de la fortune La Roue de la Fortune 1991 round 2 by wheelgenius on DeviantArt

When the show was originally produced in France, an attempt was made to copy the American version of the show exactly, even to the point where host Michel Robbe copied the mannerisms of the American host. Producer Marc Gurnaud said that in order to retain its American aspects, the show had to move along quickly with no pauses or attempts at conversation between the hosts.

By May 1987, the show had a viewership of approximately 10 million.


La Roue de la fortune httpsiytimgcomvi7CR0jzmVeEwhqdefaultjpg

Michel Robbe (1987)
Christian Morin (September 1987-December 1992)
Alexandre Debanne (January 1993-December 1994)
Olivier Chiabodo (January 1995-April 1997)
Christophe Dechavanne (7 August 2006 - 1 January 2012)
Benjamin Castaldi (2 January 2012 - 23 March 2012)


La Roue de la fortune La Roue De La Fortune R1 by designerboy7 on DeviantArt

Annie Pujol (1987 - December 1994)
Sandra Rossi (January 1995)
Frederique Calvez (February 1995 - April 1997)
Victoria Silvstedt (7 August 2006 – 1 January 2012)
Valérie Bègue (2 January 2012 - 23 March 2012)


La Roue de la fortune Roue de la fortune Casino 777

The wheel had 24 spaces. These represented cash values, penalty spaces, and strategic elements for use in the game. A player who did not land on a penalty space asked for a consonant. If it was not in the puzzle, play proceeded to the next player. If the letter appeared in the puzzle, the hostess revealed all instances of it, and the player was credited with cash. All descriptions of players being credited in the remainder of this article assume that the player called a consonant which appeared in the puzzle.

La Roue de la fortune La Roue de la fortune Wikipdia

From 1987 to 1997, the wheel's colour scheme was similar to the US version's round 1 wheel used from 1986-1996.


The 2006 French studio was somewhat identical to the US version, with the French puzzle board exactly like the US one. The only major difference was that the studio audience was directly behind the contestants, unlike the US version, where the video wall stands behind the contestants. There was also a light display around the puzzle board that alternates between red, yellow, and blue, to indicate what player's turn it was. The board used from 1995 to 1997 also had this feature.

Other countries that had their sets similar, although not exactly the same, to the French version include Italy (La Ruota Della Fortuna) until 2009, Turkey (Çarkıfelek) until about 2010, Poland (Koło Fortuny) until 2009, and Portugal (A Roda da Sorte) until 2009. Of these four versions, only Turkey's version is still on the air.


The French version of Wheel of Fortune had categories that are slightly variated from the U.S. version.

  • CHOSE, MACHIN, TRUC - THING. The name of the category comes from the different ways to say "thing" in French.
  • EN VOITURE - THING related to an automobile.
  • BRICOLAGE ET JARDINAGE - THING related with DIY and gardening.
  • EXPRESSION FAMILIÈRE - Roughly equivalent to PHRASE.
  • ENIGME À DOUBLE SENS - A hybrid category of FILL IN THE BLANK and BEFORE & AFTER. The puzzle consists of two words or expressions linked together by a common word, of which the solving player can win €500 for correctly identifying.
  • 7ME ART - SHOW BIZ. The category comes from the French expression for film and cinema.
  • LOISIRS & JEUX - FUN & GAMES. A related "subcategory" also exists.
  • SPORT - FUN & GAMES related to sports.
  • VIE QUOTIDIENNE - Deals with activities in one's daily life. Roughly similar to WHAT ARE YOU DOING? or EVENT.
  • EN HIVER - Like EVENT, but deals with activities exclusively done in the winter. Usually it is only used during the winter episodes.
  • LIEU OU MONUMENT - PLACE or LANDMARK in the U.S. version.
  • SUR LA PLANÈTE - ON THE MAP, however it is often interchanged with LIEU OU MONUMENT.
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