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LP Recharge

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Composer(s)  Linkin Park
Initial release date  12 September 2013
Engine  Unity
Developer  Machine Shop co.
LP Recharge LP Recharge Review Linkin Park39s Social Good Game Gamification Co

Platform(s)  Internet, Android, Apple Store
Release date(s)  Facebook September 12, 2013
Genre(s)  free-to-play, action-puzzle
Mode(s)  Single-player with multiplayer interaction

Lp recharge game trailer linkin park

LP Recharge, also known as Linkin Park Recharge, is a free-to-play action-puzzle game, which is composed by American rock band Linkin Park. The game was released on September 12, 2013, as it is a current playable game on Facebook. The game is focused on solving puzzles and also attempting to rise awareness about parts of the world that don’t have reliable power.


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LP Recharge LP Recharge Now Available To Play on Facebook AppsReviewed

The game was announced on June 20, 2012; almost a year before the release of the game. A trailer was launched for the game in late August 2013. The game had 30,000 gamers in its first day. An official single by the band and electro house musician Steve Aoki, entitled "A Light That Never Comes", was unlocked by collecting 10 million MWh total in the game by the gamers on September 16, 2013. The single is also the opening track, along with a Rick Rubin reboot as the closing track, for the band's second remix album Recharged.

Game story

The game allows player to become a hero to save the world from the hybrids. LP Recharge takes place in a not-too-distant future where humans have depleted all natural resources on the planet. Society and what little energy stores remain have been seized control of by machines and an elite minority. Players join cooperatively to battle their captors and recharge the world with clean, sustainable energy. LP Recharge will be made available to play through Facebook (as long as the user has the Unity Web Player plugin installed).

LP Recharge LP Recharge Wikipedia

Energy poverty and sustainable energy are critically important to co-developer Linkin Park. Launched in 2005, their non-profit charity organization Music for Relief provides aid to people affected by natural disasters and supports environmental and clean energy projects. Music for Relief’s current environmental program, Power the World, was created to bring attention to the 1.3 billion people worldwide whose lack of electricity compromises their health, safety, education, and livelihoods. The social game LP Recharge brings attention to energy poverty and clean energy solutions.


LP Recharge LP Recharge YouTube Gaming

The game featured music given by the band. But there was no official soundtrack released in promotion of the game, like the soundtrack of 8-Bit Rebellion! The music featured in the game was based on the themes of various songs by the band, and some from Recharged.

LP Recharge event at Microsoft Loft

LP Recharge LP Recharge YouTube Gaming

An event for the game was held at Microsoft Loft for the promotion of the game. Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn and Dave Farrell were present at the event, playing the game and talking about how good the game is. The band members also had a talk on their new single, which was released after the success in the game.

LP Recharge - Wastelands

The game was released in another name and enhanced features on the date of release of the band's new promotional single "Wastelands", which appeared on their new studio album The Hunting Party.


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