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Director  Philippe Labro
Music director  Michel Colombier
6.5/10 IMDb

6.4/10 Letterboxd

Genre  Action, Crime, Thriller
Screenplay  Philippe Labro
Language  French
LAlpagueur movie poster
Release date  March 25, 1976
Writer  Philippe Labro (original scenario), Jacques Lanzmann (adaptation), Philippe Labro (adaptation), Jacques Lanzmann (dialogue)
Cast  Jean-Paul Belmondo (Roger Pilard, dit l'Alpagueur), Bruno Cremer (L'Epervier), Jean NĂ©groni (Spitzer), Patrick Fierry (Costa Valdez)
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A man works with police to catch a criminal who kills the juvenile delinquents he employs in his illegal activities.


LAlpagueur movie scenes

LAlpagueur is a film adaptation of the original scenario from Philippe Labro directed by him and featuring Jean-Paul Belmondo in the title role and Bruno Cremer as LEpervier.

LAlpagueur movie scenes

Released in 1976 and considered as a typical French thriller from the 1970s, it is one of many Belmondos movie where he is playing the title role. Like in Le Magnifique, LIncorrigible or Le Marginal, Belmondo is the real star of the show, playing a solitary character and pursuing bad guys. The score from Michel Colombier is typical from this period, mixing piano, modern rhythms and brass instruments. The film was the 19th highest earning film of the year in France with 1,533,183 admissions.

LAlpagueur movie scenes Doumecq gives the pistol to L Alpagueur

L'Alpagueur is a free-lance spy from the French secret agency. He's put on the investigation about L'epervier, a serial-killer who employs young boys to help him robbing banks before killing them.


As one of the character is saying at the beginning of the movie:

LAlpagueur movie scenes Jean Paul Belmondo as Roger Pilard aka l Alpagueur

Lalpagueur cest un chasseur de tete, cest un mercenaire, un marginal. Lalpagueur cest lastuce qua trouve un haut fonctionnaire pour passer au-dessus de la routine policiere.

LAlpagueur movie scenes Victor Garrivier as Doumecq and Jean Paul Belmondo as Roger Pilard aka l Alpagueur

The alpagueur is a head hunter, a mercenary, a marginal. The alpagueur is a trick made up by a state employee to be above the cops routine.

LAlpagueur movie scenes michel colombier L ALPAGUEUR

Originally a deer hunter, lAlpagueur became a head hunter working for the police, paid by them with money stolen from criminals. The main plot revolves around lAlpagueurs pursuit of lEpervier, (Sparrowhawk) a bank robber and an assassin, who kills whoever sees him commit a crime. His technique is to pay a young and naive man to be his accomplice and kill him right after. One of his accomplices, Costa Valdez, is only wounded during one of his hold ups, and with his help, lAlpagueur manages to find lEpervier at the end.

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  • Jean-Paul Belmondo - Roger Pilard aka "lAlpagueur"
  • Bruno Cremer - Gilbert ala "LEpervier"
  • Claude Brosset - Granier
  • Patrick Fierry - Costa Valdes
  • Jean Negroni - Spitzer
  • Victor Garrivier - Inspector Doumecq
  • Jean-Pierre Jorris - Salicetti
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