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Kyle Baldwin

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Portrayed by
Chad Faust

Played by
Chad Faust

First appearance

TV show
The 4400

Shaman Spirit Guide

Tom Baldwin

Last appearance
"The Great Leap Forward"

Chad Faust as "Kyle Baldwin", a fictional character in the USA Network science fiction television series The 4400.

Tom Baldwin (father), Linda Baldwin (mother), Alana Mareva (step-mother)

Tom Baldwin, Shawn Farrell, Diana Skouris, Maia Skouris, Richard Tyler

Never Be the Same [Kyle-4400]

Kyle Baldwin is a fictional character in the USA Network science fiction television series The 4400.


Season One

Chad Faust with a serious face and wearing a black jacket.

Kyle Baldwin is Tom and Linda Baldwin's son and Shawn Farrell's cousin. The two were drinking beer at Highland beach in 2001 when Shawn was abducted. After Shawn's abduction, Kyle is shown comatose, and remains in that state from 2001 through to 2004. After Shawn returns, he discovers he has the power to heal people, and Shawn wakes Kyle up. Kyle is very weak and confused, and the situation becomes worse as Kyle eventually claims "I'm not Kyle Baldwin."

Chad Faust as Kyle Baldwin in a movie scene from "The 4400" (2004 television series).

Kyle persuades Tom to take him back to Highland Beach, where he is revealed to be possessed by a human being from the future. The future person reveals that Kyle was supposed to act as a communication channel between the future and Tom, to guide him in his dealings with the returned 4400 as they attempt to avoid the catastrophe that has caused humans to largely die out. However, as Shawn intervened to try and save Kyle, Shawn was taken instead, the side-effect of which left Kyle in a coma. Kyle is suddenly shot by Agent Lytell and appears to die; however, his body glows with a bright light, and the presence seemingly leaves him. Kyle is healed and his personality restored, his own memories ending just before Shawn's abduction.

Season two

Chad Faust as Kyle Baldwin in a movie scene from "The 4400" (2004 television series).

Following his "possession", Kyle has spent time in quarantine, which he is only too glad to be released from. He begins college, and forms a friendship with his tutor, as well as becoming closer to his other cousin, Danny Farrell. However, it later becomes clear that his ordeal is not yet over. Kyle begins to lose parts of time, finding himself in situations not consciously of his making. Although initially puzzling - such as when he is outside college, seemingly lost in a daydream - the situation quickly becomes alarming, as Kyle damages a shop window at night and is arrested. Terrified of going back to quarantine, Kyle does not inform his father of his blackouts.

Chad Faust as Kyle Baldwin wearing a black jacket.

Eventually the purpose of his blackouts become clear, and Kyle is revealed to be the man responsible for the assassination of Jordan Collier. Under the advice of his father, Kyle originally intends to keep his actions a secret, but guilt overwhelms him as another man is arrested and charged. Kyle willingly writes a confession letter and turns himself in to the authorities.

Season three

Kyle is in prison for several months on murder charges. While in prison, for reasons that are not explained (though possibly hinted at when Tom Baldwin conducts an imaginary conversation with his own father under the influence of the Blink drug), he refuses to see or even speak to his father. When Jordan Collier returns from the dead, Jordan and his followers demand that a judge order Kyle's release, promising daily protests. Kyle is released.

He has since begun touring, and speaking on behalf of Jordan Collier and the 4400 Center after apologizing for Collier's assassination. Kyle has come to believe that he should help the 4400 wherever he could, just like his father. He is portrayed considering injecting himself with promicin at the end of season three.

Season four

When season four starts he has injected himself with promicin, hoping to gain healing abilities he could use to wake his cousin Shawn from a coma, but the promicin appears to have no effect on him. On the advice of a girl named Cassie he met in a park, he then uses another injection of promicin on Shawn to wake him from his coma.

He subsequently discovers that "Cassie" is in fact the manifestation of his power. She acts as a spirit guide that only he can see, leading Kyle to the answers he wants. Following Cassie's advice, he helps Isabelle evade the law and convinces Isabelle to change for the better. They later team up with Collier, acting as advocates of his movement. Eventually, their relationship blossoms and when Isabelle disappears, it begins to cloud Kyle's judgment to the point where he would endanger the movement in order to save her. To that end, Kyle tips off NTAC to Richard Tyler's location, leading to Richard getting arrested and Isabelle being captured by a possessed Tom Baldwin. Cassie later tries to convince Kyle to do whatever it takes to stop Shawn as creating a promicin-profiency test is detrimental to the movement. Ultimately he kidnaps Kevin Burkhoff instead as he is the one who is creating the promicin-profiency test, which can possibly derail the movement.

After Isabelle, once again working for the enigmatic anti-4400 faction known as the "Marked," kidnaps Collier so they can implant one of their agents inside him and subsequently use his powers to end the movement, Kyle temporarily assumes leadership of the movement and offers to help an ailing Seattle during the promicin infection caused by Danny Farrell. He is later attacked by Isabelle, but at the last moment, she relents and Kyle convinces her once again to control her own destiny. Later, with Collier's return, Kyle stands by him as Collier annexes Seattle to Promise City. In the last moments of the season, Kyle hands a promicin shot to a now normal Tom, hoping he would find enlightenment after gaining a special ability.


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