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Kutumb (TV series)

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Created by  Balaji Telefilms
Opening theme  "Kutumb" by Lalit Sen
Starring  see below
Written by  Story & Screenplay Mahesh Pandey, Binita Desai, Sanjay Choudhary, Samidha - Khalid, Bobby Bhonsle, Suchita Bhatia & Poornima Jayaraman Dialogues Dheeraj Sarna
Directed by  Bharat Bhatia, Gautam Sobti & Swapna Waghmare Joshi
Creative director(s)  Monisha Singh & Nivedita Basu

Kutumb (Sindhi: ڪٽنب‎) was a popular daily Indian television drama telecast on Sony Entertainment Television. The show was aired on 29 October 2001 and went off air on 7 February 2003. The show had two seasons, however, the seasons plot were not inter-related at all, more like two series. However, both series revolve around principal characters of Pratham (Hiten Tejwani) and Gauri (Gauri Pradhan Tejwani), and their love and "Kutumb" (family).


Summary Season 1

Kutumb meaning family is the story of Pratham and Gauri, and their interactions with their joint- family. Pratham is the eldest son of Mittal family ( the Kutumb is this series) and Gauri hails from a middle-class Agarwal family.At first they are enemies, but end up getting married and living in a large joint family (kutumb). This family is very loving and caring. It becomes the reason for the husband and wife to fall in love and start a memorable journey together. They go through trials and tribulations but emerge victorious in the end, as their relationship stays untarnished. They return to their kutumb and live happily ever after.

Plot Season 1

The story starts in the Mittal Family on Diwali. The Mittal family are successful and rich, however, very grounded in their traditions and culture. The oldest in the family are "Badi Dadi" and "Chotti Daddi" who are sisters-in-law, that love and hate each other like most sisters-in-law. There are also four sons, it is never mentioned who is whose son. The sons are Umesh (eldest), Rajesh (second eldest), Sanjay (third eldest) and Ajay (youngest). Umesh is married to Gayatri, and has three children; Nandini, Pratham (Hiten Tejwani) and Gautam. Rajesh is married to Archana they also have three children; Samay, Tushar and Diya. Sanjay is a widower, who often has imagery conversations with his late wife Maya (Sakshi Tanwar), they have three kids as well; Siddhart, Riya and Richa. Ajay and Kavita, could never have kids, so dote on all the other kids. The other kids who are also part of the family are Sanskar and Sanskriti, who are Umesh's sister's kids.

On Diwali when most of the family is prepping for the celebrations, the family gets a call from the police letting them know that Pratham has been arrested. Pratham and two of his friends, Hiten and Yash, get into a brawl with a couple of other guys, that resulted in this arrest. Umesh is furious to learn about this, but his brothers bail Pratham out. It is revealed that Pratham is the spoilt brat in the family and dearly loved by everyone, much to Umesh's frustration.

This is contrasted with Gauri Agarwal (Gauri Pradhan Tejwani), who come from a middle class nuclear family, and takes no nonsense from anyone. Gauri's family includes her father, her mother, her sister Preeti and her brother Shashank.

It is revealed that Pratham and Gauri go to the same college. Gauri hates everything Pratham stands for lack of principles, rich brat, etc. Although, disliking each other they primarily stay out of each other's way. However, that changes when one of Gauri's friends tries committing suicide after being spurred by Pratham, despite having a relationship with him. Gauri wants Pratham to take responsibility for his actions, however, Pratham refuses stating he has made it clear that they were "just friends." Things take a turn when it revealed that the girl's brother(vishesh) is about to betrothed to Sanskriti, Gauri reveals the truth to about "Pratham" to him. Vishesh states that he will only marry Sanskriti, if Pratham marries his sister. Pratham agrees because he loves his family a lot, and does not want to ruin Sankriti's life. This shows that Pratham does have a soft and nice side to him. However, Sanskriti now refuses to marry Vishesh, saying she cannot continue with a relationship that is conditional and without trust. She decides she will continue studying instead. The Mittal family decides to celebrate this decision.

In the meantime a sub-plot of Nandini is revealed. Nandini married young as per her father's wishes. However, the marriage resulted is separation shortly after, despite them having a son "Shobit." Shobit and Nandini now live with the Mittals. Getting a call from Karan, her ex-husband, Nandini is excited, with the hopes that they will resolve their differences. Karan however reveals that he wants a divorce, so he can marry someone else and wants nothing to do with Shobit. At first Umesh tries to reason with Karan, but then decides he is not worth it. He apologizes to Nandini for picking someone so wrong for her, she says it was how it was meant to be and accepts his apology. He encourages her to marry again, but Nandini says that marriage is not for her.

After the incident with Sanskriti, Pratham tries everyday to make Gauri's life difficult. Prathams wounds grow deeper, when Gauri become class president. Even though he has won the last few years. To ruin her reputation, he locks her and himself in a room at college over night. He makes it look like they were fooling around. This information gets leaked to Media, and becomes a much bigger deal. Both families being conservative, decide that these two must get married. Although, Umesh hates the idea of a "un-cultured" girl like Gauri as his daughter in-law, he agrees, because it is time Pratham take responsibility for his action. Pratham agrees happily to this, with the understanding that this is best way to make Gauri's life a living hell. Gauri who believes in the sanctity of marriage at first refuses, but when her brother tries committing suicide because of how people are talking, decides that her family is more important than her happiness. So they get married.

Plot Season 2

The story of Season 2 is completely different from Season 1.This is story of Pratham Mann and Gauri Pradhan. Pratham is the rich spoilt son of his parents and has never concentrated on his studies in college. Gauri on the other hand is the college topper and actively participates in drama. Their opposite nature initially leads to fights between them, but while practicing for a college play, they both develop feeling for each other. However, Pratham's parents oppose the relationship as they feel Gauri is a middle class girl and does not fit in their family.

Pratham and Gauri are left with no choice but to elope and get married. They face financial hardships but eventually settle down in their new world. Everything is perfect, till the time Gauri is diagnosed with cancer and is giving some months to live by the doctors. Pratham is shattered but still continues to take care of her during her treatment. Gauri is finally cured and in the meantime Pratham's family also accepts her. But as fate would have it, Gauri soon dies in a car accident.


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