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Director  Sathyan Anthikad
Language  Malayalam
7.2/10 IMDb

Country  India
Kudumbapuranam movie poster
Release date  14 April 1988 (1988-04-14)

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Kudumbapuranam (English: Family History) is a 1988 Malayalam family film written by Lohithadas and directed by Sathyan Anthikad with Thilakan, Balachandra Menon, Ambika, K. P. A. C. Lalitha, Parvathy and Sreenivasan in major roles. The film was a remake of the 1986 Tamil film Samsaram Adhu Minsaram directed by Visu.


Kudumbapuranam movie scenes


The film revolves around a middle class Malayalee family. Problems arise when the eldest son alienates his father and gets thrown out of home. The film portrays the other members struggling between the two.

Sankaran Nair(Thilakan), is leading a happy retired life with his wife Ammini(K. P. A. C. Lalitha)and his children Krishnanunni(Balachandra Menon), Preman(Sreenivasan), Rema(Parvathy) and Gopu(Baiju). Krishnanunni is working in a bank and is married to Geetha(Ambika). Preman is working as a drama artist and Rema and Gopu are doing their studies. Sankaran Nair’s close friend wished to get his son,Murali(Manianpilla Raju), married to Rema. When the families decide to get them married, Rema disagrees and conveys that her Malayalam lecturer, Sivan(Sreenath), is in love with her and she wishes to marry him. Initially her family is against Rema’s wish, later agrees seeing that Sivan is financially sound. Sankaran is still worried that he is not able to fulfill his friend’s wish. Although Murali is heartbroken to hear this, he suggests that Preman marries Indu(Syama), thus fulfilling their wish. Marriages happen with Krishnanunni’s financial aide. Geetha is now pregnant.All in the family are happy to hear about this. Sankaran and Ammini are delighted about their grandparenthood. As per the custom, Geetha moves to her native home during the 7th month of her pregnancy. Meanwhile, there are sparks in both Sivan-Rema’s and Preman-Indu’s married life. One day, Indu leaves to her place after a fight with Preman. And the same time, Rema comes to her home after indifferences with her mother-in-law Bhageerathiyamma (Sukumari) and fight with Sivan. Murali does not entertain Indu’s stubbornness and asks her to return to Preman’s house. Rema is also stubborn and not ready to go back to Sivan’s house. Krishnanunni is not really happy about this. Next day Krishnanunni gives money to his mother which is lesser than the usual time. When Ammini asks about this, he responds that since his wife is not at home, the expenditure will be comparatively less. And he also conveys that he is not happy about Rema’s and Indu’s stubbornness. To this, Sankaran responds that he doesn’t have the right to comment about his brother’s wife. This conversation creates a rift between Sankaran and Krishnanunni. Sankaran says that this family doesn’t need any financial support from Krishnanunni from now. In that case, Krishnanunni wants back all the money that he have spend on the family. This triggers Sankaran and he says he will return all the money and asks Krishnanunni to move out of the house. Krishnanunni is equally headstrong and shifts to the house adjacent to his place. Preman tries to settle the dispute between his father and brother, but fails. Sankaran starts working as a lorry driver to earn money. Although his health is deteriorating, he is strong-willed about his aim. One day, Geetha’s uncle, Achuthan(Oduvil Unnikrishnan),informs Sankaran that Geetha delivered a baby boy almost a week ago. Sankaran and Ammini are happy to hear this but equally sad that Krishnanunni never informed them about this. Krishnanunni, Geetha and their son comes to their new home. Kunjamma(Philomina) is appointed as the caretaker. Krishnanunni is struggling to manage financial stuffs at his place. And Geetha mocks him about how stringent he used to be when spending money. Meanwhile, Geetha meets Sivan and comes to know that his mother is admitted in the hospital. After this Geetha advises Rema to go back to Sivan and thus Rema and Siva are happily back together. Another instance when Geetha mocks about Krishnanunni’s misery, Krishnanunni retorts that he never did all these for his own good but for his family. Krishnanunni understands his mistake. Meanwhile, Sankaran have earned enough money to return to Krishnanunni and he asks Krishnanunni to move out from his house. To this Ammini asks Sankaran how he will be able to not be with his grandchild. Sankaran’s heart melts and he forgives Krishnanunni. The family reunites. Geetha suggest that they better shift so that their intimacy is never abridged.


  • Thilakan as Sankaran Nair
  • Balachandra Menon as Krishnanunni, Sankaran Nair's eldest son
  • Sreenivasan as Preman Vadakkummuri, Sankaran Nair's second son
  • Ambika as Geetha, Krishnanunni's wife
  • K. P. A. C. Lalitha as Ammini, Sankaran Nair's wife
  • Parvathy as Rema, Sankaran Nair's daughter
  • Syama as Indu, Preman's wife
  • Manianpilla Raju as Murali, Indu's brother
  • Sreenath as Sivan, Rema's husband
  • Baiju as Gopu, Sankaran Nair's youngest son
  • Philomina as Kunjamma,servant
  • Oduvil Unnikrishnan as Achuthan, Geetha's uncle
  • Sukumari as Thrikkunnathu Bhageerathiyamma, Rama's mother-in-law
  • Santhakumari as Indu's Mother
  • Soundtrack

    The music was composed by Mohan Sithara and lyrics was written by Kaithapram.


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