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Krassimir Atanassov

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Krassimir Atanassov


Krassimir Atanassov Prof Krassimir Atanassov Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical

Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets: Theory a, On Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set, Generalized Nets in Artificial I, Index Matrices: Towards, Generalized Nets

Krassimir Todorov Atanassov (Bulgarian: Красимир Тодоров Атанасов) (23 March 1954, Burgas, Bulgaria) is a Bulgarian mathematician. He is best known for launching the concepts of Generalized nets and Intuitionistic fuzzy sets, which are extensions of the concepts of Petri nets and Fuzzy sets, respectively. Atanassov is also known for his research in the area of number theory.



Krassimir Atanassov graduated mathematics in the Sofia University, Sofia, in 1978, and defended his PhD in 1986. He became Doctor of Technical (computer) Sciences in 1997, with a doctor thesis on Generalized nets, and three years later defended a second degree - Doctor of Mathematical Sciences, with a thesis in the other field of his scientific interest - Intuitionistic fuzzy sets.

Honorary Associate of the University of Technology, Sydney, since 1995. Member of the Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians, since 1979, and of the American Mathematical Society, since 1989. Since 1995 he works in the Centre of Biomedical Engineering at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, being a vice director and scientific secretary.

Other research activities of Professor Atanassov are:

Editor-in-Chief of:

  • "Notes on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets" (since 1995)
  • "Notes on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics" (since 1995)
  • "Advanced Studies in Contemporary Mathematics" (since 2001)
  • Managing Editor of:

  • "Proceedings of the Jangjeon Mathematical Society (since 2002)
  • Member of the Editorial Boards of:

  • "AMSE Press - Modelling, Measurement & Analysis" (since 1994)
  • "Smarandache Notion Journal" (since 1999)
  • "Analele Universitatii din Oradea-Fasc. Matematica" (since 2001)
  • "Italian Journal on Pure and Applied Mathematics" (since 2002)
  • Generalized nets

    In 1983 Atanassov introduced the object "Generalized Net" and investigated its basic properties, as well as some of its applications in artificial intelligence, systems theory, medicine, economics, transportation, chemical industry and others. He was the engine of the theoretical research on the area of Generalized nets, and promoted much of the applied research. He has defined a lot of operations and relations over generalized nets, part of which have analogues in the theory of ordinary Petri nets. However, the topological and logical operators he has introduced have no analogue in Petri nets theory.

    Intuitionistic fuzzy sets

    The other fundamental field of research interest for Atanassov are Fuzzy sets, defined by Lotfi Zadeh, which he significantly extended by launching the concept of "Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets" and investigated their basis properties. He has also initiated the applications of Intuitionistic fuzzy sets in expert systems, systems theory, decision making and others. He has studied and defined a lot of operations and relations over intuitionistic fuzzy sets, part of which have analogues in the theory of fuzzy sets. Without analogues in traditional fuzzy set theory are the operators on modal, topological, level, which Atanassov introduced and researched.


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