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Kosman Island

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Location  Oceania
Total islands  10
Highest point  Mount Kosmann
Area  23 ha
Adjacent body of water  Solomon Sea
Adjacent bodies of water  Solomon Sea
Highest elevation  30 m (100 ft)
Elevation  30 m
Archipelago  Louisiade Archipelago
Kosman Island
Major islands  Kosmann Nabaina Lejeune Nagobi Sable

Long-Kosman reefs is a reef in the Louisiade Archipelago. it contains many scattered islets, 2 of them are inhabited regularly and overpopulated, with no services and facilities in them.


Map of Kosmann Island, Papua New Guinea


The islands in the group include Kosmann, Nabaina, Nagobi, Sable East, Sable West, Anchorage, and Lejeune.


Discovered in early 18th century, the islands were named after famous barons from France. Louis-Fran├žois Lejeune was honored with one of the islands. in 1990, in what appears to be increasingly frequent and acrimonious territorial disputes between Wari and Utian fishers, there was a murder of a fisherman from Utian by some other fishermen.


The islands, in recent years, have been a haven for piracy fishermen. The most noted catches are Beche-de-mer, which have resulted in the deforestation of several cays along the reef complex for firewood. Beche-de-mer are cooked on these small islets, which have camps for one to two-week-long fishing trips, made mainly by Wari and Utian Islanders. The fishery is essentially unregulated. There is very little in the way of local level management initiatives, and one of the reasons for this is an apparent lack of awareness of the limits of stocks. Foale (2005) presented interview data from islanders, in which he found low awareness of limits to Beche-de-mer, even despite the common knowledge of sandfish and black teat overfishing. Prior to commercial harvesting, the overall density for all species of giant clams, was 39/ha. Chesher reported that 2000 concentrations was at 9/ha. In recent years, some limits were pressed by the government, and the islanders are now conducting Sportfishing in the vicinity of the reef. Coral Trout, Red Bass, Jobfish, Bluefin Trevally, Grouper, Cod, Napoleon Wrasse, Dogtooth Tuna, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, Giant Tuna.


The scattered islets have seasonal camps for fishermen. during fishing season there are up to 200 people, mostly living in Kosmann and Lejeune. During offseason, about half of them return to their islands of Wari and Utian.


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