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Final episode date
9 November 2007

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First episode date
6 August 2007


The alien character Kokey wearing white pajamas in a scene from the ABS-CBN TV Show Kokey,2007.

Directed by
Wenn V. DeramasRuel S. Bayani

Ending theme
"Kokey" byJoshua Cadeliña

Wenn V. Deramas, Ruel S. Bayani

Kokey at Ako, Noah, Walang Kapalit, Ysabella, Lastikman

Kokey is an ABS-CBN fantaserye which was premiered on Primetime Bida August 6, 2007 and ended on November 9, 2007.


The alien character Kokey wearing silver and yellow spacesuit in a scene from the ABS-CBN TV Show Kokey,2007.

kokey's best drama scene.wmv


The alien character Kokey with his hand on his face and wearing silver and yellow spacesuit in a scene from the ABS-CBN TV Show Kokey,2007.

The first Kokey encounter happened thirteen years ago. It was in 1997 when we were first introduced to the cute alien who had a penchant for befriending human beings. And his best friend then was the pre-pubescent Carlo Aquino in the movie entitled Kokey.It was directed by the same man who brought Cedie and Sarah, Ang Munting Prinsesa on the big screen---Romy Suzara.


Kokey talking to Gabriel portrayed by Joshua Cadeliña in a scene from the ABS-CBN TV Show Kokey,2007.

An alien named Kokey from the planet Yekok had crash-landed on Earth in his ship. He eventually befriends a young orphan named Bong, and he helps Kokey to fix his ship so that he could return to planet Yekok. Kokey also befriends other people - Anna, the sister of Bong, Abie, an aspiring pilot who will help build Kokey's ship, and Peping. Meanwhile, Kokey's enemy, Korokoy, followed him to Earth in order to find a crystal (which Kokey values the most). Bong, Anna, Abie & Peping must help Kokey to find the lost crystal, fix his ship in time, and defeat Korokoy. One night, as Kokey & the others were sleeping on a leaf (on their many adventures, they shrank at one point), Bong stayed awake & looked up at the sky, thinking sadly about his friend Kokey & what his life would look like without him (when he leaves for planet Yekok in the distant future). After singing a quite sad song about Kokey, he finally drifts off to sleep. The next day, they continue their search for the crystal. They encountered many mysteries & many problems they had to solve, but eventually they found the crystal & defeated Korokoy. Kokey's mother, Kakay, soon went to Earth to help his son. It turns out that Kokey's father, Kokoy, & Korokoy were enemies too. When they had found the crystal & defeated Korokoy, he said his final words: "I shall come back again!". Then Kokey & Kakay went off to Yekok in their spaceship. Once they were high in the night sky, his mother asked him, "Where's the crystal?" Then Kokey groped around & was alarmed to find out that he left the crystal with Bong! When his mother found out, they both cried, "AAAAAAAAAH!" as the spaceship flew away.

Main cast

Kokey looking at something while being covered by orange and dark cloth in a scene from Kokey, 2007.

  • Sean Chester Gan - portrayed by Ayan Galito is an alien whose spaceship crashed on earth. He is the best friend of Bong, Anna, and Peping. He has powers, but gets weaker whenever he uses it. He misses his mom and his dad, though he believes he dead, when he's stranded on earth. He also helped Nanding with some products he created with his powers.
  • Joshua Cadeliña as Bonifacio "Bong" Calugdan/Gabriel Allegre - an orphan who was adopted by Trining and Nanding Calugdan and befriends with Kokey. During his time in the orphanage, most parents and people never adopted him when they planned to. He cares about Kokey and Anna.
  • Julia Barretto as Anna Calugdan - the adopted daughter of Trining and Nanding. She is Bong's love interest. She helps Bong and Kokey.It is later revealed in the story that Anna is the daughter of Divina.
  • Ruffa Gutierrez as Trining Calugdan - the wife of Nanding and the adoptive mother of Bong. She also was a friend of Kakay and her old enemy, Charisse. Usually, she gets Charisse jealous by her, somehow, being with Nanding. Trining sometimes gets jealous whenever Charisse was somehow with Nanding.
  • Redford White as Nanding Calugdan - the adoptive father of Bong and Visayan businessman. He's also a husband of Trining and he's her true love. He's interested in selling some star figures Kokey created.
  • Eugene Domingo as Charisse Dalusong - the archenemy of Trining. She is an ex-girlfriend of Nanding.
  • Zanjoe Marudo as Abbie - an aspiring pilot who will help Kokey build his spaceship and fell in love with Shane. He is also a brother Charisse.
  • Megan Young as Shane - a social worker who works for an orphanage where Bong resides. She was also a girlfriend of Abbie. Later, she moved with her true biological parents.
  • Rhap Salazar as Jimboy Dalusong - the only son of Marcial and Charisse. He's mischievous, impulsive and stubborn.
  • Nova Villa as Sor. Aida Sanchez
  • Joji Lorenzo as Marcial Dalusong - the husband of Charisse.
  • Quintin Alianza as Peping who later on dies from a getting hit by a jeepney while fighting with Korokoy.
  • Boots Anson-Roa as Doña Ingrid Allegre
  • Mylene Dizon as Myra Viloria-Allegre - the true mother of Bong and the wife of Isidro Allegre.
  • Ryan Eigenmann as Nicassio Allegre / Korokoy - the uncle of Bong who murdered his father. He was killed by Korokoy, who impersonates him. He's the father of Anna.
  • Matthew Mendoza
  • Pamela Lagnada as Kakay - Kokey's Umamay (Mother) who Kokey worries about while being on earth.
  • Kokoy - Kokey's Tatay (Father) whose best friend is Isidro and gave the chipeka to Allegre. He was thought to be dead, but he was imprisoned by Korokoy.
  • Special Participation

    Kokey screaming and tied to a chair in a scene from the ABS-CBN TV Show Kokey,2007.

  • Sid Lucero as Isidro Allegre - The biological father of Bong and the husband of Myra. He was a best friend of Kokoy. He was the first casualty known in the series.
  • DJ Durano as Dr. DJ Caparas - A scientist and doctor who is a friend to Kokey and tries to protect him from military forces and other scientists.
  • Jenny Miller as Divina
  • Francis Magundayao as Elias
  • Kakai Bautista
  • Igi Boy Flores
  • Yuki Kadooka
  • Mica Roy Torre
  • Chen Zenhric Dimayuga
  • Joshua Tecson
  • Ian Mike Espiloy as Neto Otob
  • Yong An Chiu
  • Cheska Billiones
  • Mike Lloren
  • Vice Ganda as the Fortune Teller- The fortune teller was hired by Marcial to convince Trining to get rid of Bong.
  • Korokoy - Kokey's mortal enemy
  • Big Brother (voice)
  • Sequel

    Kokey being hugged by Carlo as portrayed by Carlo Aquino in a scene from the movie Kokey, 1997.

    On ABS-CBN's Trade Launch for its upcoming shows for 2009, a preview was shown for the sequel with the title, "Kokey Returns". On November 2009, Kokey was included in the 21st Advertising Congress as ABS-CBN's upcoming 2010 programs. The sequel was retitled Kokey @ Ako.


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