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Ko Lan

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Country  Thailand
Highest elevation  180 m (590 ft)
Area  5.6 km²
Area code  038
District  Bang Lamung
Time zone  ICT (UTC+7)
Max length  4.3 km
Province  Chonburi Province
Ko Lan wwwislandonmapcomimg3thailandpattayakola
Village  List Ban Ko Lan Ban Krok Makham
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Ko Lan (Thai: เกาะล้าน,  [kɔ̀ʔ láːn]) is one of the eastern seaboard islands of Thailand. Ko Lan lies 7.5 km from the nearest shore, Pattaya. "Ko Lan" is the name of the island in the Royal Thai General System of Transcription. It is also known as "Koh Larn" and "Ko Laan".


Map of Ko Lan, Chon Buri, Thailand


Ko Lan is the largest of the "near islands", off south Pattaya. It is at the southeast end of the Bay of Bangkok, on the east side of the Gulf of Siam. Administratively Ko Lan belongs to the Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chonburi Province.

It is about four kilometres in length and two kilometres in width. It is a hilly island, covered with low tropical forest; its highest point reaches 180 m where there is a Buddhist shrine. The island has two small villages: Ban Ko Lan and Ban Krok Makhan where there are lodgings and restaurants. There are ferries connecting Ko Lan to the mainland.

Most of Ko Lan's beaches are on its west side. Most visited is Tawaen Beach, where there is a small harbor. The length of the beach is lined with small tourist shops and restaurants. Other beaches are Tonglang Beach, Tien Beach, Samae Beach, and Naon Beach.

Ko Lan is inhabited by about 3,000 residents in 1,000 households, mostly clustered around the ferry pier.

The "Koh Larn Classic" is a sailing and running race event held at the nearby Royal Varuna Yacht Club in Pattaya.

Adjacent islands

Two smaller islands are near Ko Lan:

  • Ko Sak (เกาะสาก), a narrow "c"-shaped island with a small bay open towards the north. It is 0.6 km off Ko Lan's northern tip. Its highest point is 33 m. It has a horseshoe-shaped beach in the north. Accommodation is available.
  • Ko Krok (เกาะครก), a private island less than two kilometres to the east of Ko Lan's northeast shore. Its highest point is 41 m.
  • Ko Phai, the main island of Mu Ko Phai (หมู่เกาะไผ่), the group of "far islands", off Pattaya is about 14 km to the west of Ko Lan.

    Impact of mass tourism

    Ko Lan receives about 5,000 tourists per day, mostly Chinese, Russian, Indian, and Thai day-trippers from Pattaya. They generate about two million baht in daily income. They and the island residents also generate about 30 tonnes of solid waste per day, but Pattaya City authorities are only able to remove 20 tonnes per day. Pattaya City has no landfill of its own. It transports all of its waste and that of Ko Lan to a site in neighbouring Saraburi. The remaining daily 10 tonnes of refuse on Ko Lan is building up at a 12 rai sized dump site in the island's centre. Plans exist to build a garbage recycling and separation plant by 2016.


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