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Kitty (2016 film)

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Directed by  Chloë Sevigny
Based on  Kitty by Paul Bowles
Initial release  20 May 2016
Screenplay  Chloë Sevigny
Story by  Paul Bowles
Written by  Chloë Sevigny
Cinematography  Seamus McGarvey
Director  Chloë Sevigny
Music director  Brian DeGraw
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Produced by  Lizzie Nastro Christina Piovesan
Starring  Edie Yvonne Ione Skye Lee Meriwether
Cast  Ione Skye, Edie Yvonne, Lee Meriwether
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Kitty is a 2016 American short drama film directed and written by Chloë Sevigny, based on the short story of same name by Paul Bowles. The film stars Ione Skye, Lee Meriwether, and Edie Yvonne. It was screened in the International Critics' Week section at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.



Kitty, a little girl, asks her mother why she is named Kitty. Her mother informs her her name is actually Catherine and that Kitty is a nickname.

One day, looking in the mirror, Kitty notices she has grown whiskers. She points them out to her mother, but her mother ignores her. Kitty grows pointed ears and grey fur but none of the adults in her life seem to notice. Waking up one morning with talons Kitty goes downstairs and is mesmerized by some birds she sees. Fully transforming into a grey tabby she chases the birds and then goes to visit her neighbour who feeds her milk. Returning home, she is locked out and sees her parents clutching her discarded nightgown, believing she has been kidnapped.

Kitty as a cat continues to visit her parents every day hoping they recognize her, but is always locked out. One day she finds her mother in the garden and rubs against her legs and then jumps into her lap. Her mother calls her a pretty pussycat, and carries Kitty as a cat into the family home.


  • Ione Skye
  • Lee Meriwether
  • Edie Yvonne
  • Production

    Principal photography on the film began on January 8, 2016 in Los Angeles in the suburb of Van Nuys. and concluded on January 12, 2016. Chloë Sevigny would be making her directorial debut, which would be produced by Lizzie Nastro and Christina Piovesan through First Generation Films. The crew would include cinematographer Seamus McGarvey, costume designer Jennifer Johnson, production designer Chilly Nathan, and casting director Laray Mayfield.


    In January 2016, Refinery29 acquired distribution rights to the film apart of its new ShatterBox Anthology, a short-film series dedicated to emerging female filmmakers. The film had its world premiere at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival in the International Critics' Week section.


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