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Kit for Cat

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Director  I. Freleng
Language  English
Kit for Cat movie scenes Jo Lapidge came up with the novel idea after watching a scene in a film showing

Release date  1948 (original)1956 (re-release sans original opening cards)

Kit for Cat is a 1948 Looney Tunes cartoon starring the cat that would eventually be known as Sylvester, an unknown cat, and Elmer Fudd. This cartoon features Elmer Fudd without his hat or hunting clothes just like he does with others.


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The beginning starts with Sylvester in the trash alley trying to find food to eat. When a kitten comes by, Sylvester yells at the kitten that the alley is his. When a blizzard arrives, Sylvester acts frozen and knocks on Elmer Fudd's door, begging for shelter. Elmer tries to warm up Sylvester by putting him on his sitting chair near the fireplace and tells Sylvester to make himself really useful and consider his home as his own now. When the same kitten comes acting half frozen, Elmer is surprised by two cats and explains that he cannot keep both of them. Elmer decides to sleep on it and decide which cat he wants to keep in the morning, much to Sylvester's chagrin.

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Sylvester then schemes on ways to get rid of his competition; he decides to frame the kitten by pouring all the milk in the fridge on him and then dropping the bottle to make it look like the kitten did it. Fudd thinks the kitten has done it by accident and gives the innocent kitten a large meal. Sylvester then throws a ball of string to the baby kitten to play with, but the other end of the string is tied to a stack of glasses and dishes. When the kitten plays with it, the stack falls and breaks. The kitten quickly tries to fix it all by gluing them back together, but Sylvester breaks every one the kitten fixes. When Elmer catches Sylvester breaking his dishes, he says that he's making it very easy for him to make up his mind which of them to keep.

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Sylvester then hypnotizes the kitten with a book of hypnosis to hit the sleeping Elmer on the head with a baseball bat; the kitten misinterprets Sylvester's visual instruction and hits Sylvester instead. Elmer, woken up, throws Sylvester back down the stairs, warning him he'll be held responsible for the next disturbance. Sylvester then sets a wind-up mouse toy loose and the kitten chases it, following it into a mouse hole. Sylvester blocks up the mouse hole with wood and nails. The kitten, however, starts knocking out the nails holding up the paintings and shelves hanging on the wall. Sylvester, remembering Elmer's warning, tries to catch all of the falling objects, as the kitten (still trapped in the walls) makes his way upstairs. The chandelier above Fudd's head crashes to the floor before Sylvester can stop it, which awakens Elmer, who issues a final ultimatum to Sylvester should he be disturbed yet again.

Next, the kitten, overhearing Elmer's warning, makes a racket to get Sylvester thrown outside for good. Sylvester puts a pair of earmuffs on the sleeping Elmer in an attempt to drown out the kitten's noise (who uses a shotgun, a parade drum, and slams doors). Sylvester loses his patience with the kitten and begins chasing him; panicking, the kitten turns on the radio full-blast and activates the coin-operated pianola before making even more loud noises. Eventually, all the noise becomes too loud for even the earmuffs on Elmer's head to block out, so he stops them and says that he has made up his mind which cat to throw outside; however, he is interrupted by a knock at the door--Elmer's landlord serves him an eviction notice. The cartoon now ends with Sylvester, the kitten, and Elmer looking for food in the trash alley.


This cartoon is featured uncut and with the original opening titles restored (with the Blue Ribbon ending) on the Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 1, disc 4


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