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Name  Lev Greshilov

Kindzadza httpsimgdiscogscomZ3r2T6xqHPo8dhrrNL33Xyi5KF

Kindzadza can u feel it

Kindzadza, real name Lev Greshilov (Russian: Лев Грешилов), is a dark psytrance music producer based in Moscow, Russia. His stage name is derived from the title of the popular Soviet movie Kin-dza-dza! He is currently booked with the Osom Music record label.


Sofiax kindzadza kill it

Music groups

Kindzadza KinDzaDza Kin Dza Dza Free Listening on SoundCloud

  • Kindzadza, Psykovsky and CPC (later without CPC) → Osom
  • Kindzadza and Parasense → Mononoke & The Wolves
  • Kindzadza and Grapes of Wrath → Snap, Crackle & Pop
  • Kindzadza and Jahbo → KinJahJah
  • Kindzadza and Mussy Moody → The Raven
  • Kindzadza and DJ Psyco Zaika → Kindzadzaika
  • Kindzadza and Kraft → Midi Hippie Warriors
  • Kindzadza, Furious and Cosmo and Psykovsky → Nritya Shastra
  • Kindzadza and Alien Mental → Sonikozadza
  • Kindzadza and Syntax Error → SynDzaDza
  • Kindzadza, Syntax Error and Jahbo → Kinjahjaf
  • Kindzadza, Safi Dafi and Orestis and Psykovsky → Magnum Opus
  • Kinzadzad and furious→cyberhen
  • Zadzadkin,(abstract experimental project)

  • Kindzadza Id like You to be a Mind Reader osommusic

    He belongs to the reputed OSOM Music group which are known for producing high class psychedelic classic world hits. Kindzadza has personally played in front of 160,000 fans in SoundBoom 2012.


    Kindzadza Kindzadza Kamikazi YouTube

  • Kindzadza — Waves From Outer Space (Parvati Records) (2004)
  • Kindzadza And Friends — 13 Dimension Connection (Insomnia Records) (2005)
  • Kindzadza — Waves From Inner Space (Osom Music) (2007)
  • Kindzadza — Insoluble (2010)
  • Kindzadza - Nano Ninja (Osom Music) (2012)
  • Kindzadza - I`d like You to be a Mind Reader (Osom Music) (2016)

  • Kindzadza Kindzadza Insoluble osommusic


    Kindzadza Wikipedia