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Kim Soo mi

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Full Name  Kim Young-ok
Hanja  金守美
Education  Korea University
Hangul  김수미
Role  Actress
Years active  1970-present
Name  Kim Soo-mi
Occupation  Actress
Revised Romanization  Gim Su-mi

Kim Soo-mi with short hair, wearing earrings and a black fur coat.

Born  September 3, 1951 (age 72) (1951-09-03) Gunsan, North Jeolla Province, South Korea
Family  jewelry designer Jung Joo-ri (daughter)
Children  Jung Joo-Ri, Jung Myung-Ho
Awards  Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Supporting Actress
Nominations  Grand Bell Award for Best Supporting Actress
Movies and TV shows  Granny's Got Talent, Late Blossom, Marrying the Mafia IV, Hooray for Love, Marrying the Mafia II

Similar  Seo Hyo rim , Kim Hye ja , Go Doo shim

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Kim Soo-mi (born Kim Young-ok on September 3, 1949) is a South Korean actress. She has had a prolific career in film and television. Kim debuted in a talent contest in 1970, then shot to fame in Country Diaries. The landmark TV series aired for almost 20 years, making Kim one of the most popular Korean actresses of the 1980s.


Kim Soo-mi smiling and wearing a necklace and a white blazer while holding her hair.

In 2003 she made a memorable cameo as a profanity-spouting ajumma in the Jang Nara comedy Oh! Happy Day. It successfully revamped her image and rejuvenated her fading career. Kim quickly became known in the Korean entertainment industry as the "Queen of Ad-lib," with her comic talent showcased in many of her succeeding projects, notably Mapado, Twilight Gangsters, Granny's Got Talent (2015), and the Marrying the Mafia sequels.

Kim Soo-mi with a serious face and wearing a black dress.

Kim also gained attention for her turns in more serious fare, such as 2006's Barefoot Ki-bong, a heartwarming pic about a developmentally disabled man. Her 2011 film Late Blossom is a romance between two elderly couples, a topic rarely explored in Korean cinema. The low-budget indie became a sleeper hit, and for her portrayal of an Alzheimer's-afflicted woman, Kim won Best Supporting Actress at the Blue Dragon Film Awards.

Kim Soo-mi laughing and wearing a blazer.

Veteran: Interview with Kim Soomi [Entertainment Weekly/2018.09.24]

Other activities

Kim Soo-mi with a serious face and wearing a black dress.

In 1998, Kim's chauffeur-driven BMW shot backward, killing her mother-in-law. Kim filed a ₩1 billion lawsuit against BMW, alleging that the sudden-start had been a car defect. The Seoul District Court ruled in the automaker's favor in 2003, saying that it was unclear whether the accident was caused by driver error or a sudden-start. Kim filed an appeal at the Seoul High Court.

Kim Soo-mi smiling and wearing earrings, a necklace, and a white blazer.

She headed the publicity as part of the organizing committee of the 1999 Hanam International Environment Expo.

On the left, Kim Soo-mi smiling and wearing a white shirt. On the right, Kim Soo-mi with a fierce look.

Since 2003, Kim has been the chairman of the Department of Theater and Film at Soongsil University's College of Social Sciences.

Variety show

Kim Soo-mi laughing and wearing a pink blouse and a blazer.

  • Roommate (SBS, 2015) (guest, episode 44)
  • Running Man (SBS, 2013) (guest, episode 149)
  • Mamado (KBS2, 2013)
  • Show King (Global Korean Talk Show King) (Channel A, 2011-2012)
  • 2 Days & 1 Night (KBS2, 2011) (guest, episodes 193-195)
  • Soo-mi Ok (QTV, 2011)
  • Sunday Sunday Night: Age of Charm (MBC, 2005)
  • Kim Soo-mi's Cooking of the Day (MBC, 1982-1985)
  • A Look at Myself (KBS, 2015)
  • Music video

    Kim Soo-mi with a sad face.

  • "Countryside Life" - T-ara N4 (2013)
  • "Your Sister, Instead of You" - EZ-Life (2005)
  • Theater

    Kim Soo-mi GOT7 Jackson Turns On the Charm for Roommate Visitor Kim Soo Mi

  • My Mother (2010-2013)
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream (2005)
  • 너를 보면 살고 싶다 (1998)
  • Radio program

    On the left, Kim Soo-mi with curly hair and smiling. On the right, Kim Soo-mi with a fierce look.

  • The Pursuit of Happiness with Kim Soo-mi and Kang Nam-gil (KBS, 1995)
  • Hello, This is Kim Hong-shin and Kim Soo-mi (MBC, 1993-1995)
  • Books

    Kim Soo-mi side view, wearing earrings, a necklace, and a black blouse.

  • 얘들아, 힘들면 연락해! (2009)
  • 맘놓고 먹어도 살 안 쪄요 (2003)
  • 그해 봄, 나는 중이 되고 싶었다 (2003)
  • Kim Soo-mi's Jeolla Food Stories (1998)
  • I'm Sorry, I Love You (1997)
  • 나는 가끔 도망가 버리고 싶다 (1993)
  • 그리운 것은 말하지 않겠다 (1991)
  • 너를 보면 살고 싶다 (1990)
  • Awards

  • 2013 SBS Drama Awards: Achievement Award (Incarnation of Money)
  • 2011 32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Supporting Actress (Late Blossom)
  • 2007 1st Korean Movie Star Awards: Best Actress Who Made Us Laugh Award (Marrying the Mafia III)
  • 2006 3rd Max Movie Awards: Best Supporting Actress
  • 2006 14th Chunsa Film Art Awards: Best Supporting Actress (Barefoot Ki-bong)
  • 2005 26th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popular Star Award (Mapado, Marrying the Mafia II)
  • 1986 22nd Baeksang Arts Awards: Most Popular Actress, TV category (Country Diaries)
  • 1986 MBC Drama Awards: Grand Prize/Daesang (Country Diaries, The Season of Men)
  • 1985 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award, Actress (Country Diaries)
  • 1982 Our Star Awards: Recipient
  • 1981 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Actress (Country Diaries)
  • 1978 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award, Actress
  • 1975 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Actress
  • 1972 MBC Drama Awards: Best New Actress (Adada)
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