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Killing Car

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Director  Jean Rollin
Initial DVD release  April 29, 2008
Country  France
4/10 IMDb

Genre  Crime, Thriller
Language  French
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Release date  1993
Cast  Tiki Tsang, Frederique Haymann, Jean-Jacques Lefeuvre, Karine Swanson, Jean-RenĂ© Gossart, Karine Hulewicz
Genres  Thriller, World cinema, Action/Adventure
Similar movies  Wristcutters: A Love Story, Three Resurrected Drunkards

Killing car 1993 original music by philippe brejean

Killing Car (original title: Femme dangereuse or Dangerous Woman) is a 1993 French surreal revenge thriller film directed by Jean Rollin. It was filmed in 1989 and stars Australian actress and model Tiki Tsang.


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A young Asian woman, known to her victims as the "Car Woman", goes on a massive killing spree, leaving a little toy car among the bodies as her calling card while two police detectives remain on her trail.

The Car Woman wanders into a scrapyard to steal an American car, and shoots the owner dead, but is interrupted by the owner's girlfriend, who also has a gun and shoots back. The girlfriend runs from the Car Woman and seeks help from a group of prostitutes. The Car Woman chases them all through a fairground and statue garden, killing them one by one.

Later, a man named Robert and his girlfriend Sylvie are running from the Car Woman and take refuge in a farmhouse, where both are killed. Marc, a friend of Robert, arrives at the farmhouse to meet him along with his girlfriend. The Car Woman is waiting and shoots Robert and rams a garden fork through his girlfriend's chest.

Car Woman travels to New York for a modeling shoot and kills the photographer, Pascale, and her friend Barbara, leaving them on a rooftop. After being replaced by the Car Woman, a dancer is suspicious and follows the Car Woman and her boss Sam back to the Car Woman's boat, where Car Woman kills them both.

After wounding an office worker and killing two antique dealers, it becomes clear that Car Woman is the real victim, as she has been tracking down the people who didn't stop to help her when she was involved in a car accident a year before. It is also revealed that one of the police detectives has been secretly helping her the whole time.


The role of the "Car Woman" was specifically written for Tsang, and it remains her only film credit to date. Production for the film began around early 1989, which is displayed below the credits in the opening of the film. It was shot on 16mm and was originally intended for a direct-to-video release, although it did have a brief theatrical release in 1993. The film took 10 days to shoot, and by the end, Rollin had become seriously ill. He started editing about two months after he recovered. It took two years to complete, and was eventually released in 1993. No usable print or negative of the film exists today, and all known film negatives are considered lost.

Home media

Killing Car was released in France on DVD as part of the Jean Rollin collection from LCJ Editions on 15 November 2004.

In the United Kingdom, the film was released via Redemption Films on 23 January 2006. Special features for this set contain a stills gallery, video art and a partial Jean Rollin filmography. It misleadingly lists an exclusive interview between Jean Rollin and noted horror specialist and academic, Dr. Patricia McCormack, Redemption preview trailers and a bonus triple silence feature - 'Spell' music video from band Cadaveria. The set contains neither of these three features. However, they are available on previous Redemption releases. The film contains its original French language, and contains optional English subtitles.

The film was released in the US on 29 April 2008 by Redemption, and included a Rollin interview.


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