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Kids Alive is an international Christian charity, whose goal is to protect and care for "at risk" children.



Kids Alive International was founded in Shantung province, China in 1916, as the Home of Onesiphorus by Rev. Leslie and Mrs. Ava Anglin, who had arrived in China in 1910 as evangelical missionaries from the United States. The Home was created to accommodate the many homeless children in and around the city of Tai An. Following the change in China’s government in 1949, Kids Alive started a food and clothing distribution ministry for refugees in Hong Kong.


Since 1916, Kids Alive has expanded and now has five host countries working with local staff in four regions and fourteen countries around the world to help children who are orphaned and/or at risk. Over 4400 children are served in dozens of programs mobilizing over 570 local staff, 49 missionary staff and 84 service teams (as of 2010). As an interdenominational Christian faith ministry, Kids Alive International rescues and cares for at-risk children from the poorest of the poor countries of the world through:

  • Children's Homes - Believing that family is the healthy foundation of every nation, Kids Alive International house parents provide year-round care for approximately 8-10 children in a safe, loving home. Over 3,000 children world wide live in Kids Alive International Children's Homes.
  • Care Centers - Children who would otherwise have nothing attend care center programs during the day and receive meals, clothing, medical attention, education and opportunities to hear the Word of God from Christian care-givers.
  • Schools - Provide education and meals for "at-risk" children ensuring they have the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and distress.
  • Independent Homes - Train older children how to live on their own and continue their education or vocational training. One example of this is in 2008, an apartment was purchased in Lebanon to help 10 young men make the transition from the Kids Alive International Children's Home to adulthood.
  • Kids Alive International works for long-term sustainable change. Their relational focus right into adulthood means they are able to determine that what they are doing is working to change lives well beyond childhood years.

    Countries with KidsAlive centers

  • Lebanon (1948)
  • Hong Kong (1949)
  • Taiwan (1971)
  • Dominican Republic (1989)
  • Guatemala (1992)
  • Peru (1992)
  • Papua New Guinea (1992)
  • Romania (1999)
  • Kenya (2000)
  • Zambia (2001)
  • Haiti (2002)
  • North and South Sudan (2006)
  • China (2006)
  • Mission statement

    "Kids Alive International reflects the love of Christ by rescuing suffering children in crisis, nurturing them with quality holistic care, and introducing them to the transforming power of Jesus Christ so they are enabled to instill hope in others."


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  • Kids Alive Canada
  • Kids Alive U.S.
  • Kids Alive Partner UK
  • Kids Alive Hong Kong
  • Kids Alive Taiwan
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