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Kickboxer 5

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Director  Kristine Peterson
Country  United States
3.6/10 IMDb

Language  English
Kickboxer 5 movie poster
Release date  August 1995 (1995-08)
Tagline  Payback can be deadly.

Kickboxer 5: The Redemption is a 1995 direct-to-video American martial arts film starring Mark Dacascos and directed by Kristine Peterson. The film is the fifth entry in the Kickboxer series.


Kickboxer 5 movie scenes

Mark dacascos training in kickboxer 5


Negaal is a South African former kickboxer turned promoter who is gearing up to start his own organization in the sport. When American champion David Sloane refuses to join the organization, Negaal sends his men Moon, Bull, and Pinto to eliminate Sloane. Seen in a bluescreen opening credit sequence, Sloane manages to break Moon's leg but is ultimately defeated and killed by Bull and Pinto.

Matt Reeves is a former kickboxer turned martial arts teacher who teaches kids. He learns of David's death as he was a friend of his. That night, his one-time student Johnny Styles is competing for the now vacant United States Championship. When Johnny wins the title, he is approached by Moon, Bull, and Pinto to join the Negaal Kickboxing Federation. Johnny decides to meet with the trio but Matt begins to be suspicious. His suspicions are true when his friend Charlie informs him that the three men also talked to David just two days before he was found murdered. As Matt races to find Johnny, Johnny refuses the offer from Negaal and is forced to fight Bull and Pinto. When Johnny attempts a spinning jump kick, Bull catches him and breaks his back with Pinto kicking Johnny in the face. Matt arrives and proceeds to knock both men down. Moon and Bull escape with the belt and Pinto threatens Matt with a dagger. Matt kicks the dagger off Pinto's hand and side kicks him twice, causing Pinto to fall off the roof and onto a limousine where Moon is inside. Matt tries to help Johnny but it is too late.

When Negaal gets word of what has happened, he wants Matt dead. Bollen, Negaal's right hand man, has someone in mind to do the job. Paul Croft, a former member of Negaal's organization, is in prison and after defending himself against some thugs, is freed on the condition he kills Matt. That night, Matt is confronted by Paul, who instead of killing him, warns his about Negaal. Matt decides to head to Johannesburg, South Africa to find Negaal. Shockingly, Paul finds out Matt is on the plane and the two end up sitting next to each other. When they arrive at the airport, Moon is awaiting Paul, who hides Matt in an attempt to prove he did his job. However, Paul attempts to escape and is confronted by Negaal's thugs until Matt arrives to help. Shocked by the turn of events, Moon escapes as does the thugs. Matt and Paul part ways and when Matt finds an address, he goes there to find a regular shop. When he inquires the shopkeeper about Negaal, Bollen just happens to be there and both he and his men attempt to go after Matt. Returning the favor from the airport incident, Paul arrives to help Matt. It is also revealed that it was Bollen who sent Paul to prison in the first place and Paul wants revenge. The duo fight off the thugs, but then find themselves arrested for causing trouble at the shop when Bollen forces the shopkeeper to rat on them.

Meanwhile, Negaal has been forcing champions from all over the world with an ultimatum: join his federation or die. In an effort to protect his own life, the French Champion reluctantly joins. After the two incidents involving Matt and Paul, Negaal confronts Moon, Bull, and Bollen and proceeds to shoot Bull in the head with a hunting rifle as he felt Bull had the muscle but ultimately failed. When the German Champion refuses to join the federation, he challenges Negaal to a fight on the lawn. Negaal shows how good he is when he ultimately kills the German Champion with the "tiger claw", an illegal strike that he had used on the Dutch Champion years ago when he was a kickboxer, resulting in him getting a lifetime ban from the sport.

With the help of fellow prisoner Joseph, Matt and Paul escape when one of the guards was revealed to be one of Negaal's men. The trio make their escape and separate with Matt and Paul catching up to Angie, who is revealed to be Paul's younger sister. She is wondering what is going on and is unhappy when it is revealed that Negaal is the reason. While Paul served his prison sentence, the patriarch of the Croft family had died. Matt and Paul convince Angie that they must stop Negaal once and for all if they are to ever be happy again. Both men begin to train with Matt discovering a way to counter Negaal's fatal blow when he breaks an arrow using his neck muscles to show that a fatal blow can in fact, be countered. As they learn Negaal is planning a major party, they decide to crash it along with Angie, who defies Matt and Paul and goes undercover as well.

When Paul finally confronts Bollen in the backyard, Matt sees Negaal at the roulette table and begins to win, angering Negaal. When Negaal learns that the man who is winning is the one he's been after this whole time, Matt finally exposes Negaal to everyone for who he really is. The goons arrive and Matt defeats them all and finally is ready to take on Negaal. As the two begin their fight, they go from Negaal's office to the lawn. When Negaal attempts the "tiger claw" to Matt's neck, Matt uses his counter technique and unleashes a "tiger claw" of his own hitting Negaal right in the heart. Negaal falls and Matt proceeds back to the office, where he grabs the United States Championship belt. Negaal returns to grab the belt back. Repeating "It's mine", Matt's "tiger claw" finally takes its effect and Negaal finally dies. Matt retrieves the belt as he, Paul, and Angie walk off as police sirens are heard.


  • Mark Dacascos as Matt Reeves
  • James Ryan as Mr. Negaal
  • Geoff Meed as Paul Croft
  • Tony Caprari as Moon
  • Greg Latter as Bollen
  • Duane Porter as Bull
  • Georoge Moolman as Pinto
  • Rulan Booth as Angie
  • Robert Whitehead as Tito
  • Denney Pierce as Johnny
  • John Hussey as Chalky
  • Dale Cutts as Trainer
  • Gavin Hood as German Champion
  • Burton Richardson as Jack
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