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Country  Pakistan
Population  127,857
District  Khairpur

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Map of Khairpur

Khairpur (Urdu: خيرپُور‎; Sindhi: خیرپور‎, khīr´pūr) is a city and the capital of the Khairpur District, in Pakistan's Sindh province. Khairpur was founded in 1783 by Mir Sohrab Khan of the Talpur dynasty, and served as capital of the former princely state of Khairpur until 1955. Khairpur is also known as home of the revered Sufi mystic Sachal Sarmast, whose shrine is located in nearby Ranipur.


Khairpur my neighbor and colleague invites me to visit him

Welcome to khairpur mirs


At the 1998 census, the population of the city of Khairpur was 102,188 having increased from 61,447 at the 1981 census. The city had an estimated population[1] of 127,857 in 2006. It is the 12th largest city in Sindh province.

  • Religion:
  • In Khairpur, Muslims form the largest single religious group. There is a reasonable Hindu population. Sikh community is also present in Khairpur.

  • Islam: 96.86%
  • Hinduism: 2.93%
  • Christianity: 0.09%
  • Ahmaddiya: 0.07%
  • Others: 0.04%
  • Languages:
  • Sindhi: 90%
  • Baluchi:2.70%
  • Brahui: 2.30%
  • Urdu: 2%
  • Punjabi: 1.50%
  • Seraiki:%1
  • Others: 0.50%
  • Infrastructure

    The city is situated along the Khairpur East Canal, 11 miles (18 km) south of the Indus River. It is connected by rail with Peshawar and Karachi and by road with Sukkur and Karachi. National Highway is main route for various transportation vehicles and Mehran Highway which connects Nawabshah and Khairpur Districts.

    Historic Places

    It has some historic buildings notably the Faiz Mahal, Kot Diji Fort


    After the establishment of the state of Pakistan in 1947, Khairpur developed industrially, with textile, silk, leather goods, silk clothing, matches, soap, shoes, cigarettes and carpet manufactures. Khairpur is noted for its dates, known in the Sindhi language as Khark, and in Urdu as Khajoor.


    It has 8 talukas, 76 Union councils, 11 towns, 6800 Villages and total population 1546587 (Male 810448 and Female Population 736139) according to (Census) 1998. .


    There is one university named Shah Abdul Latif University as well as following Colleges in Khairpur

  • Mehran University College Of Engineering And Technology SZAB Campus Khairpur,
  • Khairpur College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology (KCAET) at Khairpur,
  • Muslim Public High School Thari Mirwah,IBA Community College Khairpur ,
  • Govt: College Of Technology Khairpur Mir's (GCT KHP), Khairpur, Pakistan,
  • LUMHS Khairpur Medical College.
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