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Kevin Roth

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Name  Kevin Roth
Siblings  Brenna Lee Roth
Kevin Roth wwwgeocitiesjphidekiwtnbkevinrothjpg
Role  Singer ยท
Albums  Lullabies For Little Dreamers, Unbearable Bears
Similar People  Brenna Lee Roth, Ola Belle Reed, Amanda McBroom, David Lee Roth, Jaime Brockett

Kevin roth rainwalker

Kevin Roth (born 1957 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American folk singer and dulcimer player who has released forty-five albums. He has performed at the White House for Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.


He sang the theme song to the 1990s PBS children's program Shining Time Station.

Kevin Roth's: Lullabies For Little Dreamers (1992) (Kevin Roth Album)


  • 1966: America: Songs of Hope and Freedom (Star Gazer Productions)
  • 1975: Kevin Roth Sings and Plays Dulcimer (Folkways Records)
  • 1976: Somebody Give Me Direction (Folkways Records)
  • 1976: The Other Side of the Mountain (Folkways Records)
  • 1977: The Mountain Dulcimer Instrumental Album (Folkways Records)
  • 1978: The First Few Words: Mountain Dulcimer Instrumental Album, Vol. 2 (Folkways Records)
  • 1979: Dulcimer Instruction Album (Folkways Records)
  • 1980: New Wind (Folkways Records)
  • 1981: The Living and the Breathing Wind (Folkways Records)
  • 1981: Women (Folkways Records)
  • 1982: Dulcimer Man (Folkways Records)
  • 1982: The Quiet Times (Folkways Records)
  • 1983: Don't Wait For Me and Songs of the First Decade (Folkways Records)
  • 1983: High on the Mountain (Folkways Records)
  • 1986: Unbearable Bears (Marlboro Records)
  • 1986: Oscar Bingo and Buddies (Marlboro Records)
  • 1987: After the Rain (Marlboro Records)
  • 1987: The Secret Journey (Marlboro Records)
  • 1988: The Sandman... (Marlboro Records)
  • 1988: Animal Crackers and Other Tasty Tunes (Marlboro Records)
  • 1992: The Gentleness of Living (Marlboro Records)
  • 1992: Daddysongs (Sony Kids)
  • 1992: Dinosaurs & Dragons (Sony Kids)
  • 1992: Lullabies for Little Dreamers (Sony Kids)
  • 1992: The Toy Maker's Christmas (Marlboro Records)
  • 1992: Voyages (Flying Fish)
  • 1994: Travel Song Sing Alongs (Marlboro Records)
  • 1994: Camp & Fireside Songs (Marlboro Records)
  • 1995: Adventures of Sir Rabbit & Bunny Junction (Marlboro Records)
  • 1996: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (Marlboro Records)
  • 1998: Train Song Sing Alongs (Star Gazer Productions)
  • 1998: Train Songs & Other Tracks (Marlboro Records)
  • 1998: Choo Choo Tunes and Other Children's Favorites (Star Gazer Productions)
  • 2001: Baby's Lullabies & Morning Wake Up Songs (Star Gazer Productions)
  • 2001: Holiday Songs on the Dulcimer (Star Gazer Productions)
  • 2002: The Sunflower Collection (Star Gazer Productions)
  • 2003: Children's First Songs (Star Gazer Productions)
  • 2003: Music of the Soul Zither (Star Gazer Productions)
  • 2003: Searching for Angels (Star Gazer Productions)
  • 2004: Dulcimer World (Star Gazer Productions)
  • 2005: Animal Songs for Children (Star Gazer Productions)
  • 2005: One Big Family (Star Gazer Productions)
  • 2006: Between the Notes (Star Gazer Productions)
  • 2007: (Wabby Wabbit's) Lullabies and Snuggle Songs (Star Gazer Productions)
  • 2007: Children's Classic Songs (Star Gazer Productions)
  • 2007: Folk Songs for Little Folks (Star Gazer Productions)
  • 2008: Wabby Wabbit's Lullabies & Snuggle Songs (Star Gazer Productions)
  • 2009: Autoharp Songs and Solos (Kevin Roth Music)
  • 2009: The Adventures of Wabby Wabbit (Star Gazer Productions)
  • 2011: My Quiet Times: Hammer Dulcimer Lullaby Instrumentals (My Quiet Times LLC)
  • 2015: Awakenings (Star Gazer Productions)
  • Roth with Ola Belle Reed

  • 1976: My Epitaph: A Documentary in Song and Lyric (Folkways Records)
  • 1976: Rising Sun Melodies (Folkways Records)
  • 1978: All In One Evening (Folkways Records)
  • Roth with Janet Biely

  • 2000: Mozart and Me (Star Gazer Productions)
  • Roth with Janet Jackson Witman

  • 2000: Celtic Harp & Other Lullabies (Star Gazer Productions)
  • 2009: Music of the Harp: Celtic, Zither & Autoharp, Vol. 1 (Kevin Roth & Janet Jackson Witman)
  • 2009: Music of the Harp: Celtic, Zither & Autoharp, Vol. 2 (Kevin Roth & Janet Jackson Witman)
  • Roth with Cheyenne Luzader

  • 2003: Guided Imagery for Stress Release and Relaxtion with Soul Zither Music and Sounds of the Ocean (Star Gazer Productions)
  • Singles

  • 2012: Even When I'm Long Gone (Star Gazer Productions)
  • 2012: Citizen's Insurance (Citi-Sin) (Star Gazer Productions)
  • Songs

    Dry Bones
    Bye N Bye
    Leatherwinged Bat
    The Singing Dragon
    Shing Time Station
    Ive Been Working On A Railroad
    Ragutati Ragava Raga Ram
    Bring in Good Ale
    Clementi Sonatina - A Dulcimer Varation
    I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly
    Sally in the Garden
    A Little Moon Harp Dance
    The Puffed Up Frog
    That Bear Makes Me Crazy
    Even When I'm Long Gone
    Black Jack Davey
    Are You Sleeping
    I'll Fly Away Trad/Kevin Roth 1:44
    How Can I Keep From Singing
    Little Piggy
    The Patriot Game
    Long Gone
    He's Got The Whole World In His Hand
    Playing Right Field
    The Blue Bird Song
    Jubille/Angeline the Bakes/June Apple Trad/Kevin Roth 2:03
    Somewhere Over The Rainbow
    Up On the Housetop/ Deck The Halls
    Dinosaur Rap


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