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Meaning  son of Eochaidh
Language(s) of origin  Gaelic
Region of origin  Ireland; Scotland
Related names  Eochaidh; Mac Eochaidh, MacEochaidh

Keogh, usually pronounced /ˈkj/, is an Irish and Scottish surname. It is a reduced form on an Anglicisation of the Gaelic Mac Eochaidh, MacEochaidh. The personal name Eochaidh is based upon the Gaelic eochair, meaning "lock or locksmith".


Originally the Keoghs were entertainers to the royals of Ireland and Scotland, most notably music.


  • Sir Alfred Keogh, British Army medical doctor
  • Andrew Keogh (librarian), English-born American librarian
  • Andy Keogh, Irish football player
  • Barbara Keogh, British actress
  • Sir Bruce Keogh, English professor of cardiac surgery,
  • Edward Keogh, Wisconsin politician
  • Eugene James Keogh, New York politician
  • Fenton Keogh, Australian celebrity chef
  • Helen Keogh, Irish politician
  • Henry Keogh, Australian murderer
  • James Keogh, Time magazine editor
  • Jim Keogh, technical author
  • John Keogh (disambiguation)
  • John Keogh, Irish campaigner
  • Liam Keogh, Scottish football player
  • Matt Keough, American pro baseball player, mostly for the Oakland Athletics
  • Myles Keogh, Irish soldier and American Civil War military officer
  • Nina Keogh, Canadian puppet builder
  • Richard Keogh, Irish football player
  • Simon Keogh, Irish rugby player
  • Trevor Keogh, Australian football player
  • William Keogh, Irish politician and judge
  • Other

  • Keogh Plan, U.S. retirement-related tax provision
  • Harry Keogh, lead character of novel Necroscope
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