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Key people  Jae-Wan Lee, Chairman
Headquarters  Seoul, South Korea
Type of business  Nonprofit association
Founded  5 June 1974
Industry  Engineering, Consulting

The Korea Engineering & Consulting Association (Korean: 한국엔지니어링협회, KENCA) was founded in 1974 as a nonprofit association of engineering firms in accordance with enactment of the Engineering Services Promotion Law.



  • 1974 July - Korea Engineering Services Association founded in accordance with Engineering Services Promotion Law
  • 1982 June - Became a member of International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC)
  • 1993 May - Entrusted with the task of engineering firms registration by the Ministry of Science and Technology
  • 1995 May - Nominated as official compiler of statistics by the Korea National Statistical Office
  • 1995 Oct. - Entrusted by the Ministry of Construction and Transportation Organized Coordination Meeting between prime consultants and sub-consultants entrusted by the Fair Trade Commission
  • 2000 Dec. - Relocated to new KENCA hall
  • 2002 Aug. - Concluded cooperation agreement on engineering education with the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation under the Ministry of Science and Technology
  • 2003 Mar. - Agreement on the KENCA-FIDIC-KAIST Training Center establishment Founded Korea Engineering Promotion Center
  • 2003 Oct. - FIDIC Workshop in Seoul discussing FIDIC Contracts
  • 2004 Apr. - ADB Seminar on ADB Business Opportunity in Seoul
  • 2008 Apr. - 2008 TCDPAP&FIDIC/ASPAC Conference
  • Activities

    As KENCA is committed to furthering advancement of engineering profession, it helps the government form engineering-
    related policy through raising public awareness; educate and train engineers to elevate the quality of engineering
    services provided by the member firms; and promote international cooperation between its member firms and foreign
    engineering firms/clients.

    Further details of its activities are as follows:

    - Research on revision of laws and systems to improve fundamentals of the engineering industry as well as submission of recommendations to the government.

    - Performing national projects entrusted by the government organization such as the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Construction and Transportation, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, the Fair Trade Commission, the Korea National Statistical Office, and the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation, etc.

    - Publication of 'Engineering' magazine; sponsorship of presentations, lectures and symposiums to promote greater leadership in the field of engineering industry.

    - Developing and publishing materials for improvement of technical capabilities of the member firms; education and training programs, including sponsoring seminars for experts in various engineering fields.

    - International activities including expansion of cooperative network centered on the FIDIC; and pioneering of new overseas market.


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