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Ken Finkleman

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Ken Finkleman

Television writer

Danny Finkleman

Ken Finkleman Novel direction for Ken Finkleman Toronto Star

1946 (age 68–69)
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Screenwriter, film producer, television producer, actor

The Newsroom: The Complete Scripts, Noah's Turn

Gemini Award for Best Writing in a Comedy or Variety Program or Series

Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television Award for Best Dramatic Series

Movies and TV shows
Airplane II: The Sequel, The Newsroom, Good Dog, Good God, Grease 2

Similar People
Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty, Peter Keleghan, Mark Farrell, Karen Hines

Ken finkleman on writing for tv without compromise

Ken Finkleman (born 1946) is a Canadian television and film writer, producer and actor.


Ken Finkleman Ken Finkleman sticks the knife in branta

Finkleman was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In Canada, Finkleman is best known as the writer, creator and producer of the CBC Television series The Newsroom, in which he starred as television news producer George Findlay. He later produced a number of other series for Canadian television as well, including Married Life, Foolish Heart, Foreign Objects, More Tears, Good Dog, and Good God. Each of these series also included Findlay as a linking character; according to The Globe and Mail Finkleman describes Findlay as his vehicle for exploring issues that both intrigue him and tick him off. His 2006 series At the Hotel was his only television project to date not to include George Findlay as a character.

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He began his career doing radio and TV work at the CBC, teaming up with Toronto DJ named Rick Moranis. The two of them performed in a series of live performances on CBC's 90 Minutes Live, comedy radio specials and television comedy pilots including one called Midweek and one called 1980 (produced at CBC Toronto in 1979). Both pilots starred Finkleman and Moranis in a series of irreverent sketches including an early mockumentary sketch featuring Moranis as a Canadian movie producer and another featuring the dubbed in voiced overs of Nazi war criminals as they appear to be discussing their Hollywood agents and the money one can earn being interviewed on major documentary series like The World At War.

Ken Finkleman Ken Finkleman TALKING TO TORO MAGAZINE What Men

Finkleman also wrote the screenplays for a number of Hollywood films in the 1980s, including Grease 2 and the Madonna film Who's That Girl. He both wrote and directed Airplane II: The Sequel. His television productions are seen, in part, as a reaction to his experiences in the mainstream Hollywood studio system.

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His brother, Danny Finkleman, is a longtime radio personality on CBC Radio One, who retired as host of Finkleman's 45s in 2005.

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  • Van Dyke and Company (1976) (TV)
  • Grease 2 (1982)
  • Airplane II: The Sequel (1982) (also Director)
  • Head Office (1985) (also Director)
  • Who's That Girl (1987)
  • An American Dream: The Education of William Bowman (2016)
  • Television

  • 1980 (pilot -1979)
  • Married Life (1995)
  • The Newsroom (1996–2005)
  • More Tears (1998)
  • Foolish Heart (1999)
  • Foreign Objects (2001)
  • At the Hotel (2006)
  • Good Dog (2011)
  • Good God (2012)
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