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Birth name  Lloyd Morgan
Years active  1990–2008
Name  Lloyd Morgan
Genres  Turntablism
Born  July 17, 1974 (age 41) Cardiff, UK (1974-07-17)
Occupation(s)  DJ, Producer, Remixer and turntablist

Dj keltech keltech strikes back

Keltech (born Lloyd Morgan) is a DJ and music producer.


The revamping of keltech under brahmos yet to kick start


Keltech started producing in 1990, and DJing in 1992 using modified second-hand record players, putting mix tapes in local shops and organising small raves for locals to gain publicity. In 1996 he created a website with downloadable MP3s.

After having no success sending demos to record labels, his website was added as a music link page on the official Prodigy website, attracting the attention of a Dutch record label who agreed to release two 12" records of his music under the name "Critical Adjustment". Shortly afterwards, another label based in San Diego released two 12" records of his Drum and bass music. At this point, He started using the name "Keltech" (based on his Celtic origins and technical music production methods). Five hundred copies were sold across east coast America, but due to financial reasons the San Diego label stopped releasing music, followed shortly by the Dutch label, prompting him to start his own label "Pyraplastic Records".

In 2000, Keltech stopped making Drum and Bass records and returned to DJing, often performing with rapper Johnny B, supporting names such as Ice-T, Africa Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash. In 2003 he won two individual Welsh music awards and a joint award with Johnny B.

Keltech's music has been published under multiple labels, including Second Skin, Intelligent, New Vision, Symbiosis, Broadcast, Headfuk and Sony BMG, and has been licensed to companies such as Sonic Foundry, BBC and MTV (for the Madonna/P Diddy profile show). He also runs DJ workshops at local youth clubs across South Wales.


In 2005 in Bath, whilst entering the DMC World DJ Championships, he put together a routine using John Williams' "Imperial March" from The Empire Strikes Back, which was greeted with acclaim. After a friend suggested publishing the piece as a video, he dressed up in a Darth Vader outfit and recorded the "Keltech Strikes Back" routine in his bedroom. The video was a hit, making the front pages of MSN, Yahoo and Lycos.

Morgan was asked to travel to Belgium to perform the Darth Vader routine live on primetime TV, and performed the same routine a few months later at a Star Wars game launch party in Trafalgar Square. After an interview on the official website, he received a Christmas card from LucasArts signed by George Lucas.

A few weeks after the Star Wars video was released, He recorded another routine using the music from War of the Worlds. This also met with success, and led to Jeff Wayne contacting him and asking if he would do an official studio remix for the new album released on Sony Records.


  • Welsh Music Award 2002 (Best Music Producer)
  • Welsh Music Award 2002 (Best Hip Hop DJ)
  • Welsh Music Award 2002 - with music partner Johnny B (Best Hip Hop Act)
  • Golden Pixil Award 2003 (Best Welsh Music Video ("Evacuate Soul"))
  • Golden Pixil Award 2005 (Most innovative use of new media ("War of the Worlds scratch video"))
  • Partial discography

  • Fader Food (pyraplastic records)
  • Strike Back (pyraplastic records)
  • Eve of the war remix (Sony/BMG)
  • Dream Weaver EP (2006 Hillan Music Records)
  • The Name (Pyraplastic Records)
  • Big Time (Killing Sheep Records)
  • Rhyme Hungry (Rounda records)
  • Old Skool Vs Nu Skool (Critical records)
  • Human Fighting Machine (Pyraplastic)
  • Forsaken (Bass Pressure records)
  • 2deep4u (Broadcast records)
  • The Awakening (1997)(Broadcast records)
  • Music to an attik video cover (CDROM)(Future Publishing)
  • The Mix (cover cd June 1997)(Future Publishing)
  • The Step Leader (Pyraplastic)
  • References

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