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Kattu Roja

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Directed by  A. Subbah Rao
Story by  M. S. Solaimani
Produced by  Modern Theatres
Music by  K. V. Mahadevan
Written by  M. S. Solaimani , N. Padmanaban G. Devarajan
Starring  S. S. Rajendran Padmini R. S. Manohar M. R. Radha K. A. Thangavelu V. K. Ramasamy

Kattu Roja (தமிழ்: காட்டுரோஜா, English: Jungle Rose) is 1963 Tamil Family Drama film was directed by A. Subbha Rao and Produced by Modern Theatres. The film script was written by M. S. Solaimani and dialog was written by N. Padmanabam and G. Devarajan. Music by K. V. Mahadevan assets to the movie. The film starring S. S. Rajendran Padmini M. R. Radha and R. S. Manohar played lead role to protagonist with V. K. Ramasamy , G. Varalakshmi , K. A. Thangavelu.



A Young innocent Man Baskaran(S. S. Rajendran) live alone with his elderly parents Ponnambla Mudaliar(V. K. Ramasamy) and Vadivu(G. Varalakshmi) and his cousin Kuzhandai Velu(K. A. Thangavelu). Their elderly couple wishes like arranged marriage for their family friend Shanmuga Mudaliar(P. D. Sambantham) daughter Baby(G. Sakunthala). So, Baskar and his cousin visit to Neelagiri for Shanmuga Mudaliar home. On the way their car was struggling, so Thangavelu such as Water, meantime, Baskar drives the car and has an accident. A young Village girl Ponni(Padmini) saved him and she was does aid for his injured body.

Then Both are falls love with each others. Mean time, Kuzhandai Velu Reach shanmuga Mudaliar home, Shanmuga mudaliar and his daughter Baby. Baby and Kuzhandai falls loves. And his searching for Baskar, finally he find him. Then, Kuzhandai was receives at home with Baskar. Baskar was ever time spell for Kattu Roja. So, his parents and cousin was decided his affected mentally disturbed. Mean time, Somu(R. S. Manohar) was reach Ponni's home. Ponni's Father(T. S. Muthaiah) was die-in- bed, her father was bring Ponni for his Uncle Somu's hands.

Then, there was comes to Ponnamblam house and ponni joins for house maid. The Mean time, The house hold face some problems for son shapes. Accidentally, Baskar and Ponni meet again. Since, he was disturbed for heartly. Baskar was mean time closed relationship with his Uncle Thanga Durai(M. R. Radha), wish like his sister Pushpa(Pusphalatha) gets married Baskar, So he hatches secret plan for this. Baskar goes to wrong pathway and becomes an alcoholic. His mother worries about her son's attitude and once Baskar was tries molest to ponni.

Then Vadivu decided for arranged Ponni and Somu Marriage. Ponni was commit suicide, Baskar was Safely saved her life at mountain edge. Somu, was known Ponni's past life. Baskar is her Past lover. Finally Baskar and Ponni gets married, Thanga Durai Stopped the ceremonies. Because, he told baskar secretly married his sister pushpa and their couple has one female child. The baby also identified, who is the father?. Mean time, Kuzhandi Velu was says all truth the baby is Thanga Durai's Children. He was Spoiled Ponni's Sister(B. S. Saroja)life, so she was leaves the child in Baskar Car and Baskar submit the baby to Thanga Durai. Thanga Durai was trained to baby for shows Baskar and Pushpa Photograph and teach child for Father and mother identifications. Finally Thanga Durai Agrees his mistake and his reunite to his family. and Pushpa gets married Somu.


  • S. S. Rajendran as Baskaran
  • Padmini as Ponni
  • M. R. Radha as Thanga Durai
  • R. S. Manohar as Somu (Baskar's House Servant)
  • V. K. Ramasamy as Ponnambla Mudaliar (Baskar's Father)
  • K. A. Thangavelu as Kuzhandai Velu (Baskar's Cousin)
  • G. Varalakshmi as Vadivu (Baskar's Mother)
  • Pushpalatha as Pushpa (Thanga Durai's Sister)
  • G. Sakunthala as Baby
  • P. D. Sambantham as Shanmuga Mudaliar
  • T. S. Muthaiah as Ponni's Father
  • B. S. Saroja as Ponni's Elder Sister
  • Crew

  • Director = A. Subbha Rao
  • Script = M. S. Solaimani
  • Producer = Modern Theatres
  • Music = K. V. Mahadevan
  • Art = B. Nagarajan
  • Processing = T. P. Krishnamoorthy
  • Audiography = P. S. Narasimham
  • Choreography = Heralal, Chopra and Jayaram.
  • Soundtrack

    Music composed by K. V. Mahadevan. and lyrics written by Kannadasan and Panju Arunachalam. Entha Oor Endravane song was reach very well and this song was super hit(the hero was sung by Drinking) Voice by P. B. Srinivas.


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