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Katipunan (TV series)

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Also known as  The Aggregation
Written by  Ian Victoriano
First episode date  19 October 2013
Network  GMA Network
Cast  Glaiza de Castro
Genre  HistoricalDrama
Directed by  King Mark Baco
Final episode date  28 December 2013
Number of episodes  10
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Created by  GMA News and Public Affairs
Starring  Sid LuceroGlaiza de Castro
Program creator  GMA News and Public Affairs
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Anak ng bayan the katipunan primer full episode

Katipunan or The Aggregation (international title) is a Filipino historical drama series broadcast by GMA Network starring Sid Lucero and Glaiza de Castro. It premiered on October 19, 2013 until December 28, 2013 and worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV on November 3, 2013 until December 29, 2013 and on GMA News TV on October 27, 2013 until December 29, 2013. The show is a ten-part docudrama that aims to present the Katipunan's history in its entirety, from Andres Bonifacio's formation of the group, its discovery by the Spaniards, and Bonifacio's murder. It will present in detail the life of the Supremo, the truth about the intrigues and in-fighting within the Katipunan, and the heroes and heels of the Philippine Revolution.


katipunan marathon this weekend on gma news tv


Katipunan is a ten-part (originally intended to only have eight episodes) dramatic series that aims to present the Katipunan history in its entirety, from Bonifacio’s formation of the group to the surrender of Emilio Aguinaldo to Americans. It will present in detail the life of the Supremo, the truth about the intrigues and in-fighting within the Katipunan, and the heroes and heels of the Philippine Revolution.

Cast and characters

The series featured five main characters throughout its run:

Main characters

  • Sid Lucero portrays Andres Bonifacio
  • Glaiza de Castro portrays Gregoria de Jesus
  • Roi Vinzon portrays Padre Villalon
  • Benjamin Alves portrays Sebastian
  • Dominic Roco portrays Pacquing.
  • Minor characters

  • Nico Antonio as Emilio Aguinaldo
  • Jill Palencia as Juanita
  • Mercedes Cabral as Teresa Magbanua
  • Nasser as Jose Rizal
  • Christian Villete as Crispulo Aguinaldo
  • Gexter Abad as Baldomero Aguinaldo
  • RJ Agustin as Emilio Jacinto
  • Jerald Napoles as Macario Sakay
  • Earle Figuracion as Daniel Tirona
  • Raffy Atar as Troadio Bonifacio
  • Alchris Galura as Procopio Bonifacio
  • John Prinz Strachan as Deodato Arellano
  • Bernard Carritero as Deogratias Fojas
  • VJ Mendoza as Aurelio Tolentino
  • Jack Love Pacis as Mariano Álvarez
  • Allen Edzfar as Santiago Alvarez
  • Giovanni Baldesseri as Koronel Figueroa
  • Justin Candado II as Artemio Ricarte
  • Raul Morit as Nicolas de Jesus
  • Yuwin Cruz as Pío Valenzuela
  • John Relucio as Sancho Valenzuela
  • Lourdes Serrano as Trinidad Fojas
  • Celeste dela Cruz as Trinidad Rizal
  • Vic Romano as Tata Pinong
  • Angelita Loresco as Tandang Sora
  • Edgar Ebro as Raymundo Mata
  • Gio Emprese as Tagausig
  • Guest roles

  • Dominic Roco as Young Pacquing
  • Benjamin Alves as Young Sebastian
  • Juan Rodrigo as Old Sebastian
  • Episodes

    The 10-episode mini-series began with a primer on October 12, 2013, before its official premier on October 19, 2013. The primer, entitled Anak ng Bayan: The Katipunan Primer, is narrated by actor Sid Lucero and discussed some of the popular myths about the Katipunan and the life story of Andres Bonifacio. The primer also features behind the scenes footage and interviews with the staff and actors as they take on the challenging production of Katipunan.

    Anak ng Bayan: The Katipunan Primer and Katipunan Unang Kabanata: Teresa were uploaded in GMA Public Affairs' official YouTube account and has thousands of views. The videos are only available for viewing in Philippine territories.

    In 2014, Katipunan was rerun on GMA News TV.


    Sid Lucero, Glaiza de Castro and Benjamin Alves reprised their roles as Andres Bonifacio, Gregoria de Jesus and Sebastian in the finale episode of GMA Network's 2014 BayaniSerye Ilustrado.


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