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Kathryn Edin

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Name  Kathryn Edin

Books  Promises I Can Keep: Why Poor, Doing the Best I Can: Fatherho, Making Ends Meet: How Sing, It's Not Like I'm Poor: How Wor, There's a lot of month left at the

Education  Northwestern University

fordschool kathryn edin and maria kefalas why poor women put motherhood before marriage

Kathryn Edin, a sociologist, is a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor at Johns Hopkins University. She specializes in the study of people living on welfare. Two of her books are Making ends meet: how single mothers survive welfare and low-wage work, and Promises I can keep: why poor women put motherhood before marriage.


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She received her Ph.D. from Northwestern University in 1989, with a thesis on "There's a lot of month left at the end of the money: how welfare recipients in Chicago make ends meet"

Kathryn Edin Kathryn Edin reveals the lives of people who live on 2 a day Hub

In February 2014, Edin was named a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor at Johns Hopkins University for her accomplishments as an interdisciplinary researcher and excellence in teaching the next generation of scholars. The Bloomberg Distinguished Professorships were established in 2013 by a gift from Michael Bloomberg.

Kathryn Edin Kathryn Edin and Luke Shaefer Kirkus Reviews

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Kathryn Edin Two Johns Hopkins professors among 84 elected to National Academy of
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  • Peer-reviewed journal articles (selected)

    Kathryn Edin Conversation with Professor Kathryn Edin YouTube
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  • Reports

    Kathryn Edin Kathryn Edin reveals the lives of people who live on 2 a day Hub
  • Edin, Kathryn, Laura Lein, and Timothy Nelson. Low-Income, Non-Residential Fathers Off-Balance in a Competitive Economy, in Initial Analysis. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, 1998. OCLC 50199268
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