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Kate Cary

Pen name  Erin Hunter (shared)
Children  Joshua
Occupation  Writer
Name  Kate Cary

Nationality  British
Role  Author
Genre  Fantasy
Education  University of London
Kate Cary About 41 on 41
Born  4 November 1967 (age 48) outside Birmingham, England (1967-11-04)
Notable works  Warriors Seekers Bloodline
Books  Night Whispers, Into the Wild, Bloodline, Fire and Ice, Firestar's Quest
Similar People  Cherith Baldry, Victoria Holmes, Tui T Sutherland, Gillian Philip

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Kate Cary (born 4 November 1967 in Birmingham, England) is one of the authors of the Warriors novel series, a story about wild cats, which she writes under the pen name of Erin Hunter. The other authors who also write the Warriors novel series under the pen name Erin Hunter are Cherith Baldry, Gillan Phillip, Rosie Best, Inbali Iserles, and Tui T. Sutherland. Kate Cary has also written the book Bloodline, and its sequel Reckoning. Besides writing Warriors, Kate Cary also has helped her partners write the Seekers books. Cary says she has loved cats since the age of 6, which helped her write the warriors novels. She has 2 cats of her own: Flower and Miu-Miu, and a son named Joshua. She lived in Scotland for twelve years, before moving back to England in 2004.


Kate Cary Presidential Speechwriter and Filmmaker


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Kate Cary is a contributor to the Warriors book series, alongside Cherith Baldry, Victoria Holmes, and Tui Sutherland under the name of Erin Hunter, and she is also the single author of a series called Bloodline under no pseudonym.


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When working on Warriors, Cary, Baldry, Holmes, and Sutherland write under the pseudonym of Erin Hunter. They came up with the idea for the name because Erin sounded like a strong Celtic name with not much girliness, and Hunter was both associated with cats and would place it next to the Redwall series, which was at the time the only book they felt it could be compared to. Cary has written Into the Wild, Fire and Ice, Rising Storm, Dawn, The Sight, Dark River, Eclipse, Fading Echoes, Night Whispers, The Last Hope, Bluestar's Prophecy, Crookedstar's Promise, and Firestar's Quest. She says that she has become attached to the cats and feels distraught while writing most death scenes.


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The first Bloodline book was written in 2005, simply entitled Bloodline. It is an unofficial sequel to Dracula and is an epistolary novel taking place during World War I. Kirkus Reviews praised its plot twists, but said that the novel had flat characterization. She also wrote a sequel titled Bloodline: Reckoning in 2007. Kirkus Reviews say that bad pacing and characterization hurt the story, but the tension is kept high by bluffs and mysteries.


Kate Cary was born outside Birmingham on 4 November 1967. She wrote her first book when she was four years old, and has been enthusiastic about writing ever since. She attended King Edward VI High School for Girls in Edgbaston, later moving to Surrey to study History at Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL), graduating in 1989. After leaving the University, she began sending her books to publishers, regularly being rejected. Eventually, she discovered a small publisher who hired her to write "how to" books, and activity books. In 1992, she moved to Scotland, with her son, Joshua, being born in 1997.

Later, in 2001, Cary sent a writing sample to Victoria Holmes at Working Partners. Holmes asked her if she would like to work on the Warriors series where she'd share the work with author Cherith Baldry and Holmes herself, to keep up with the publishing schedule. Since then, she's said that Loch Lomond gave her the inspiration for ThunderClan's territory.

Another book published under her name - Bloodline - was written in 2005.


Kate Cary created a blog for her part of the "Warriors" series. She posts on there nearly everyday and has drawn attention from many Warriors fans. The blog has a roleplay site based on it.


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