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Kaszëbskô Jednota

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Leader  Mateusz Meyer
Headquarters  Gdynia, Poland
International affiliation  none
Founded  2011
European affiliation  European Free Alliance
Ideology  Regionalism Social Progressivism Ethnic minority interests

Kaszëbskô Jednota is an association of people who want to actively participate in the life of the Kashubian nation and who recognize its right to cultural autonomy and self-identity within the Republic of Poland.


History of organisation

Kaszëbskô Jednota was created by people previously associated with Tatczëzna and Òdroda periodicals, web portal Nasze Kaszuby (originally known as "Zasoby Kaszubsko-Pomorskie"), a literary group ZYMK and Kashubian-Pomeranian Association.

Objectives of the association

  1. Lobby for a change in the law on minorities, so that Kashubs acquire ethnic minority status.
  2. Resurgence and establishment of the national consciousness of Kashubians.
  3. Revival of Kashubian culture.
  4. Promoting knowledge about Kashubians.
  5. Protecting the ethnic rights of people declaring Kashubian nationality.
  6. Shaping and developing active attitude amongst young generation of Kashubians, fostering the creation of governance and a sense of full responsibility for their homeland.


The KJ has sparked a media debate on the status of the Kashubian community and the Kashubian movement. The association seeks consolidation of the Kashubian national movement and asserts that ethnic minority status is necessary to increase the protection and development of the Kashubian culture. The president of the Kashubian-Pomeranian Association, Łukasz Grzędzicki, disagrees that ethnic minority status is necessary or desirable.


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