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Karosa NO 80

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Karosa NO 80

Karosa NO 80 is a model of bus trailer is produced in one prototype at the beginning of the 1960s in Karosa Vysoké Mýto.



Semitrailer NO 80 is based on the design of the bus Škoda 706 RTO. It is a single-axle vehicle, which was hitched up for a classic cargo truck. NO 80 has a semi-self-supporting metal body, which was outside plating, interior lined with Formica. Upholstered seats with leatherette covers were placed crosswise 2 + 2, the central aisle. Entry to the car provided called mechanical. Percussion doors, which were placed in the right side frame in front of the trailer. The trailer was equipped with a diesel heater.


  • Length: 10550 mm
  • Width: 2400 mm
  • Height: 2980 mm
  • Empty carriage weight: 5500 kg
  • Total capacity: 80
  • for sitting: 51
  • for standing: 29
  • Production and operation

    The first project concept of trailer for public transport appeared in 1958. It was decided to manufacture buses of unified series Karosa SB (length 10 m), Škoda 706 RTO (11 m) and Škoda 706 RTO-K (articulated, 16 m), trailer Karosa B 50 and trailer NO 80. the prototype bus trailer was made at the end of the year 1960 and in January 1961 was introduced to the professional public, and then was put into trial operation. As the tractor could be used truck 706 RTTN or Tatra 137. The advantage of a personal trailer was a possibility it anytime disconnect and replace trailer cargo (such as import workers for the construction and then the material on the site). Prospectively, there was also the military option. But at the time of construction of the prototype developed Karosa new bus Š series, so that a unified series with mass production finally received only bus RTO.

    Prototype trailer NO 80 was in trial operation in several enterprises bus (e.g. Tábor, Bratislava, Gottwaldov, Brno, etc.). Then in 1962 it was permanently passed in Bratislava, and ran for 17 years. Tractor 706 RTTN was brought in after employees in enterprises also used in freight transport (as originally planned).

    At the beginning of 21st century trailer wreck was discovered in Slovakia. Gradually was demanding his restoration. To the public it was first introduced (along with also refurbished tractor 706 RTTN) in the summer of 2007 in Prague. Less than a year later, was first dispatched to the scenic ride with passengers (it was so April 26 th 2008 in Brno).


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